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CFDb Interviews Erin Dalian

CFDb Interviews Erin Dalian ~ Short Film Creator

Erin Dalian, Christian movie

= > What led to the making of your short film “The Created”?

“The Created” was made for the 5×5 for Life, Filmmaker’s Challenge, which is part of LifeFest Film Festival ( It is a speed filmmaking event in which participants have just 5 days to write, film & edit a 3 to 5 minute film which includes a line of dialogue, prop and character name which the Festival assigns.  Kathleen Owens won the award for Best Actress at LifeFest Film Festival in the 5×5 for Life, Filmmaker’s Challenge category.

The LifeFest Film Festival is dedicated to honoring films that affirm the significance of every life, so it needs to hold up that theme. When I signed up, I prayed about what topic under the prolife umbrella I should focus on. The more I prayed, I kept coming across articles about In vitro fertilization (IVF). I realized that many people, even those who are pro-life, do not understand the moral problems of the technologies used in these artificial ways to get pregnant.


DASH_runner, DASH Entertainment

= > Please share with us the link for your film and tell us a little bit more about it.

The film can be found online on YouTube Channel for D.A.S.H. Entertainment:

Watch Now

“The Created” is about a woman who desperately wants to have a child and what happens when she pursues unnatural methods. It explains the Catholic teaching on IVF in a kind and non-prostelytizing way.


= > How did you learn about the information you provide in your film regarding In vitro fertilization?

I researched IVF online and found some really moving testimonies from people. When they began IVF, they didn’t realize that they might have to face the choice of aborting a child (in the case of multiples) through the more sterilized name of “selective reduction” or that embryos (a human life!) can be frozen for long periods of time.

It’s really quite serious, ethically, and some laws have not kept up with the technologies that we have. I didn’t touch on sperm donation in this short film but that’s a prime example of the danger that these artificial technologies have wrought. One man can father MANY children, who grow up not knowing their siblings, much less their biological father. For technology that is focused on bringing about babies, it is very unfocused on the rights of those babies.


= > What is the ultimate purpose you would like to see come from this film?

I would like for it to be a conversation starter. I understand that this is a highly sensitive issue and completely understand a couple’s desire to have children. My hope is that people will think things through before they make choices they can’t undo. I also would hope that people would look to adoption as a beautiful way to start or expand their family. There are so many children looking for a forever home and so many couples with the love and care to give, that it seems like a natural match to me!


= > Are you planning on making any future films? If so, will they continue to be short films?

Right now, I am participating in the 168 Project. It’s another speed filmmaking event. I have a short that I just finished writing and will film next weekend.

Also, I am in development of a feature called “Shadows of Death” ( It’s a supernatural thriller I will produce through my film production company, D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC ( I am currently working on funding and hope to be in production this fall or winter in the Chicago area.



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