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CFDb Interviews Florin Marksteiner

CFDb Interviews

CFDb Interviews Florin Marksteiner ~
Festival Director of CLIFF/
Christian Life International Film Festival

Florin Marksteiner

= > Please tell us how you became the Festival Director at CLIFF?

I became the Festival Director in the moment when God planted the seed of the festival idea in my mind. Simple. I got the vision and I took on the job.

= > What led to the Christian Life International Film Festival and when was it founded?

I moved to a small community, a community that lost a lot lately so, with this festival, I am trying to boost a little bit the local economy and restore the hope. I know that this event is something that will become a tradition and it will bring people from around the area, will teach and touch the audience. So, this year, 2013, is the first year. We need all the support we can get. We have all the local churches on board, which is amazing.

CLIFF - Festival Listing

= > What are the categories and prizes for CLIFF?

Before categories, please allow me to share the criteria: what we’re looking for are productions with a meaningful story, with a powerful message that would bring the audience goose bumps, tears and shivers.

There are 4 categories:

Short film
Music Video

All the categories will have a $500 prize for the best and it will be
another $500 prize for popularity [all categories combined]

CLIFF - Facebook_avatar

= > How can filmmakers submit their work and what are the deadlines and dates for CLIFF?

Filmmakers can submit their productions by clicking on this link:

June 1, 2013
Earlybird Deadline

August 1, 2013
Regular Deadline

August 15, 2013
Late Deadline

August 25, 2013
WAB Extended Deadline

= > How can people learn more about the Christian Life International Film Festival?

The best way to learn about the festival is to go to our website:
Or to stay connected with us on Facebook:



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