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CFDb Interviews Gib Gerard – Actor/Producer

CFDb Interviews Gib Gerard ~ Actor/Producer


= > When and how did you first get involved in the filmmaking industry?

I’ve pretty much been involved since birth, with a brief hiatus. My parents are both actors, so I grew up on sets. I, however NEVER wanted to be in this business. But, after college, nothing else seemed even remotely as appealing as making movies, so I went with what I knew, but I’ve always loved movies, and loved being a part of the process even from birth.

In fact, my mom was doing a series (Greatest American Hero) when I was born. The day she went into labor she was scheduled to shoot, but obviously she couldn’t. So, she had the original call sheet signed by the cast and crew. Years later, they were making a Greatest American Hero movie. I made it through a few rounds of auditions, to the final four guys to play Ralph (the Greatest American Hero), and Stephen Cannell (the creator of the show) was in the room for that last audition. My mom gave me a copy of the signed call sheet to bring to the audition as a lucky charm, so I was able to show him his signature in the room. They never ended up making the movie, but it was a fun process, and a fun connection.

= > Please tell us more about your role in ‘God’s Country’.

I play Jake Graham, the son of the owner of the ranch that is in foreclosure. Basically, I’m the guy that Meghan falls in love with. I don’t want to say I’m the whole reason for her catharsis, but I think I’m a pretty big deal, just saying.

Jake had some depth that was fun to explore. He went to Harvard Business School, and he’s works at a summer camp. I used that to emphasize his love for the ranch, and the people he gets to connect with there. Plus, he has big dreams for the place, and it’s always more fun to play a dreamer than a cynic.


= > What differences have you seen between working on a Christian vs. Secular Film Set?

As an actor, it’s hard to pick good work. I’m really not a place in my career where it’s easy to say no to jobs, so I end up compromising from time to time because I’m human, but I feel terribly about it. With this film, and other faith based films, I’m able to be myself, and embrace that I’m doing something that is suitable for everyone in the family, that won’t cause somebody to stumble, and might even be a story that sheds some light or inspires someone in their own faith.

As fun as it is, filmmaking is an arduous process, long days, long nights, being on location etc. When you’re doing something that’s positive for the Kingdom, it can be the thing that gives you the boost to get energy up and finish out the day strong.


= > Do you have any other films in the works that you can tell us about?

I did a Christmas movie last year with Daniel Baldwin called “A Little Christmas Business“. It should be coming out for Christmas 2013. Plus, I just started work as a co-host on the Intelligence For Your Life TV program. That’s a lifestyle information show that’s going to be rolling out across the country during Summer ’13. Our mission is to give you the latest information on how to live a happier, healthier life, and I’ll be the guy who does the odd ball, quirky segments with a little bit of humor.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work? is a great place to learn more about all the actors you like, but you can use my twitter @gibgerard, although, I don’t update it nearly enough. HA.


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