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CFDb Interviews Isaac Hernandez

CFDb Interviews Isaac Hernandez ~ VP of Programming at Parables TV

Isaac Hernandez - Parables TV

= > Please tell us how you got started in the film industry.

I have always enjoyed watching films but while working at TBN and reviewing films to bring to the network, I began to really have an affinity to Christian movies. I had no idea there were so many Christian films that had been made over the years. I quickly realized that I had a much better feeling after watching a Christian movie even if the quality was not quite as good as a Hollywood movie. I was hooked.


= > What circumstances led to the beginning of Parables TV?

Well, while working there at TBN bringing in movies and scheduling them on the network, I quickly realized that there was a huge jump in viewership whenever I scheduled a movie. It was pretty consistent to see the ratings jump by as much as ten times the normal average audience that we would see during a more traditional Christian program. I am not in any way knocking traditional Christian programming but truth be told, there are so many of those types of programs and I believe people were looking for an alternative. I believe people are very interested in entertainment but want it to be not only safe but actually God affirming and most Christian movies provide exactly that. Notice I said “most”. But that is a subject for another interview.



= > Describe for us what Parables TV is and how it works.

Parables TV is basically a Christian entertainment network. What do I mean by that? Well, most other Christian networks are what I call “Preacher, Teacher, Healer, Prophet” networks. Again, no disrespect to them but there are quite a plethora of that type of Christian network but there is essentially no Christian entertainment network yet. Now, there are Family networks which for the most part are very safe for a Christian to watch and not be subjected to the agenda that is being perpetrated by the secular networks but Parables TV is specifically an entertainment network with a Christian world view. Parables programming consists of mostly movies, documentaries, reality shows, comedy shows, music specials and dramatic series with maybe some lifestyle shows thrown in for good measure. All with a Christian world view. Now keep in mind that Parables TV does not take a doctrinal position so there may be some movies or documentaries that a particular viewer may not agree with but none the less, the basic fundamentals of a Biblical world view are adhered to. Parables TV at this point is a Paid subscription linear network available through the internet. You can watch it on your iPhone, iPad, computer or TV through the use of Roku or Apple TV. What I mean by linear is that it is a regularly scheduled network just like you would see on cable. At the moment it is not video on demand although that is also coming soon along with several other product enhancements.


= > What does the future for Parables TV look like?

Wow, I love this question because it gives me an opportunity to share a little about what the vision for Parables is. I believe that what I am doing is an assignment from God.  I don’t want to sound egotistic about this but I believe God chose me for this because I am too dumb to have a better plan. Everything we do at Parables comes after much prayer and direction from God and at the risk of sounding so religious, I have no other way to say it than that. I believe that the Missionaries and Evangelists of what could be our final season and harvest here on earth are actually the film makers. I believe that what the film makers are doing is going back to the original method that Jesus used to share his message when He walked this earth. That method is story telling. It is very important for us at Parables TV to help them get that message out. I guess what I am saying is that while they are the Evangelists, we at Parables TV are in essence the building and venue for them. OK, enough of the super spiritual stuff.

Parables TV will be not only a linear network, but we are also planning a VOD Netflix type version in the near future. We are also planning on adding some additional channels like a Children’s channel, perhaps a lifestyle channel and if all goes well, maybe even a Spanish version. We are planning on creating a fair amount of original content. We do have several projects in the plan already such as a show with comedian Michael Jr. A dramatic weekly series that I cannot say too much about right now. A quarterly show similar to the Barbara Walters specials with Holly McClure where she will do in depth in interviews with many Christian actors and entertainers. There are many great plans for the future of Parables and we are all very excited about it.



= > How can people learn more about Parables TV and how can they sign up?

Very simple. Just go to and you will get all of the information you need to get started.


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