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CFDb Interviews Joe Estevez ~ Actor/Host at Faith Film Festival

CFDb Interviews Joe Estevez ~ Actor/Host
Faith Film Festival


= > How did you know you wanted to be actor?  At what age?

I always wanted to be an actor and I enjoy it as much today as I did my first time on stage where I played the “Evil Innkeeper ” in the Nativity play at school when I was six years old.


= > How was it different when filming in a small town for “Doonby”? 

As an Actor I have worked in well over two hundred films shot in small towns all over the world, Smithville (where DOONBY was filmed) is known for the shade trees ( has the most shade trees then any town in all of Texas) and its great townsfolk who will go that extra mile for you even if you are just passing through.

Filming in a small town seems to be the norm for me and I prefer it quite a bit over filming in Hollywood as in a “Small town” you quickly become part of the family and it seems I feel more at home there then I do at home here in Hollywood.


= > When did you begin speaking at different Film Festivals?

I have spoken on and off for the Past ten years at many Film Festivals, and I believe I was and still am asked because I have done so many films, and “they were looking for a voice of experience”.


= > What led you to begin hosting at the Faith Film Festival in New York this past Summer?

I became friends with Craig Syracusa the head of Faith Film Fest. Doing a film together, I like to think he liked my personality and my personal faith and thought I would be a good “fit” as the Host.


= > How can people contact you in order to speak at one of their Film Festivals?

People can contact Me through my email, Contact Joe.


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