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CFDb Interviews Kevin Sizemore

CFDb Interviews Kevin Sizemore ~ Actor

Kevin Sizemore

= > Can you please tell us how you got involved in the film industry.

I great up in a small town in West Virginia called Princeton.  At that time, it wasn’t known for have many options for the arts.  I want to college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and after graduating I took off to NYC. After staying for a short while, I bounced around to a few different states such as SC, NC and GA doing theater and trying to learn how this business works.  I decided to go to Nashville for a weekend acting seminar (with no money of course). I slept in my car for a week in a hotel parking lot and every morning I would walk around the back side of the hotel and someone would always let me in.  I made small talk with the people who were “CHECKING OUT”, and as we all (my new found friends of 30 seconds) walked out the front door, I would run back to the front desk acting like I forgot my wallet in the room. They gave me my key and I would shower and get cleaned up for the day.  That was probably my first co-star role!

My first real break as an actor actually did happen in Nashville, but commercially.  I auditioned for a Toyota commercial and that not only allowed me to join the Screen Actors Guild, but would give me financial security with residuals and that got me into Orlando and then out to CA.  When I moved to LA, I beat the pavement…..literally.  I would walk up and down Wilshire Blvd knocking on agents and managers doors till someone noticed me.  Finally they did and I started to get some work.  My first Guest Star was on Pensacola opposite James Brolin.


Red Line,Kevin Sizemore and Renee Sly “RED LINE”

= > What has been your favorite acting role thus far and why?

It’s the film that is being released on July 23rd called “Red Line”. It’s a film that shows how a family and strangers  have to pull together during the worst of times to survive, while being trapped 900 feet below the surface in a Red Line Metro Train.  This was a wonderful ensemble cast and it was directed by Rob Kirbyson (Snowmen). You can view the trailer at



 Kevin Sizemore as Deputy Paul Randolph and Natalie Martinez on “Under The Dome”

= > Share with a little more about the upcoming CBS TV Series, ‘Under the Dome’.

This Sci-Fi book is authored by Stephen King and the series premier will air June 24th on CBS. UTD is about an invisible force field that descends upon a small town called Chester’s Mill and I recur on that show as Deputy Paul Randolph. (*note…. I don’t make my appearance until ep. #2 on July 1st)  Deputy Randolph likes to react first and think about consequences later.  Randolph like to say he is helping out others, but in reality, it’s all about him.



= > How has God influenced your acting career decisions?

IN MANY AREAS!  I was walking away from the acting business back in 2009.  I went a whole year without any work and this coming off a pretty nice stretch.  I was over halfway through the training with the LAPD when I blew my knee out.  When this happened, I was so lost.  My wife Gina encouraged me to join the BADD (Bel Air Drama Dept) drama group at my church Bel Air Pres.  “Drama group at church….really?” I said to my wife.  I finally auditioned and was accepted and quickly realized that this wasn’t your typical little drama group in church.  They shot segments and shorts at least 2/3 times a month and it was amazing.  I found myself enjoying acting again because I was doing it for the right reasons……glorifying God. While there, the entertainment pastor Kim Dorr approached me about a film being cast and they needed a Jesus.  She encouraged me to audition, and the 1st job back into the acting world….God gave me a job playing Jesus!  SERIOUSLY? The film was titled Good Friday and Mars Hill Church Seattle funded the project.  You can see the “Good Friday” trailer at

Also, I  attend a men’s Bible Study every week and my buddy he said a buddy asked me if I wanted to do a film for the 168 Film Project.  I met with the director and producers and said yes. This film ended up being “Useless“. My character Evan was a guy who really wanted things to change in the world he lived in.  Evan knew there was an illegal traffic problem and girls were getting hurt and taken advantage of.  When Evan thought nothing was being done, he took matters into his own hands, and ended up killing someone who happened to be an undercover cop by accident.  After fleeing to Mexico, Evan comes home years later to meet the son of the man he killed face to face in a public restaurant to plead his forgiveness.  Our film went on to win Best Film, Best Cinematographer and I was fortunate enough to bring home Best Actor.  It also recently won Best Film at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and Echolight Studios awarded our director Brandon Adams a $250,000 that would go towards a possible Echolight film. You can watch the 10 minute film at


= > Are there any other upcoming films that you are working on that are Christian?  If yes, please tell us about them.

Just last week I wrapped a film called “Heartfall” for this years 168 Film Project.  It’s a film directed by Joth Riggs and written by Joel Kilpatrick. The cast consisted of  Gunnar Sizemore, Reagan Kilpatric, Jenn Gotzon, Sue Wood and myself. it’s a story of a young woman (Emily) who struggles to reconcile with her father after their family is ripped apart by tragedy.  This Christian festival brings out some amazing talent and it’s a lot of fun doing them.

Yes…a film  called “A Christmas Tree Miracle” that I was able to shoot in my home state of West Virginia will be released in November of 2013.   In this film I portray David George.  David has everything a man could ever want…..great family, job, money etc, until the day he loses his job and can’t find another.  My character struggles with letting people help him, till he realizes that after having to move his family into a church, my co-star w/ Terry Kiser (Weekend At Bernie’s) show’s us what life is really about.  This film will resonate a lot with America, having gone through all we have and are going through.  It was directed by JW Myers & written by Ty DeMartino & produced by Route 40 Films & Flyover Films.

“Can I Get A Witness Protection” is a faith based ensemble cast comedy that will be released in 2014. It’s a very funny, intelligent piece. I really feel we need more comedic christian films for families to see.  The film was written & directed by Christian comedian Robert G. Lee and is produced by Gold Pictures.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work?

You can visit for past, present and future works and also follow my journey on Twitter @kevinsizemore or FB @kevinsizemorepage 

Also I’ll be at Comic Con in San Diego this July w/ That’s My Entertainment….come on by and join us!



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