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CFDb Interviews Marty Jean-Louis

CFDb Interviews Marty Jean-Louis ~ President/Founder of
My Christian Films & International Christian Film Festival

CFDb Interviews Marty Jean-Louis ~
President / Founder of My Christian Films &
International Christian Film Festival


= > Tell us a little bit about your vision for My Christian Films? 

My Christian Films (MCF) is a Not-For-Profit organization seeking to make a positive impact in the world of entertainment by creating positive, family friendly, faith-based TV Shows, Films, Documentaries and more.  Our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media.  We have produced hundreds of content that airs around the world through our media partners.  MCF is a 100% volunteer run and we have over 40 volunteers; we have writers, producers, video & sound engineers, make up artist, camera operators, electricians and more.   MCF was created to not only put more great content on TV but also to give those who are interested the industry a chance to learn or improve their God-given skills in a positive atmosphere and without compromising.


= > What is the most favorite film or project that you’ve worked on and why?

It would have to be our very first Short Film “5:11” because we really saw God at work in the ministry.  God held the rain twice for us so that we could shoot outdoors.  The minute we were done, in both occasions, the rain came pouring down.  No coincidence here.  We also didn’t have any lighting equipment and God provided all of the lights we need through a school and also provided a DP (Director of Photography), which we didn’t have.  We also didn’t have a camera and God provided two cameras.  We all saw so many miracles within the ministry and He has done so much for us since.



= > What motivated you to begin the International Christian Film Festival?

I look at the Christian Film industry and I see a huge interest in Christian Films and content in general, but I also see Christian film makers getting discouraged because there’s not a lot of opportunity for their project to go to the theaters or distribution.  I wanted to help the up and coming Christian Filmmakers by giving them as much as we can, from airtime to cash to equipment to distribution.


= > What categories are being accepted for submission in the Film Festival?

This is really exciting; we have categories for everyone to have a shot, whether you’re a season professional or just starting out.  The categories are Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary, Animation, Music Video, Comedy Skit, Church or Ministry Commercial, Movie Trailer and Camera Phone or Tablet.  I am really excited to see how people will be creative using their cell phone camera and tables to produce some amazing videos.


= > What are some of the prizes?

We have a $5000 cash prize, a camera, airtime, distribution and many more.  Please visit the website as we keep adding more prizes.


= > When and where can people send their submissions?

I encourage people to submit their videos now so they can take advantage of the early bird discount.  Spend $20-$30 (depending on category) for a chance to win $5000, exposure and more.  If one does not win, you still have industry executives looking at your projects.   Our goal is to make it about the filmmakers.  In fact, there are resources on the site to help filmmakers improve their skills.   SUBMISSION FORM


= > When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for the early bird submission is on December 1, 2012 and the deadline for submitting is March 31, 2013.


= > What do you see for the future of International Christian Film Festival?  Will it always be an online festival?

This festival is already in route to becoming the largest Christian Film Festivals in the world.  If the interest is there, we may also do a major event for 1 week as long as it will benefit the filmmakers in a great way.  Again, our focus has to always be to encourage Christian filmmakers.


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