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CFDb Interviews Pat Binkley

CFDb Interviews Pat Binkley – Actress

Pat Binkley 1

= > What led you to the leading role as Fannie in “Flowers for Fannie”?

We had done a video that went with a song our choir was going to sing one Sunday. They asked for volunteers. I was in the part that a Dr. says our loved one wasn’t going to make it. I started to cry. That’s when Sharon and Fred saw my “acting.” They told me later that they wanted me to be in their movie. I said sure….not knowing I was Fannie.

= > What is your vision for this film?

I hope it will help people to befriend older people who are alone. They act like they don’t need anyone, but they do.


= > How has being in this film impacted your life?

I now realize how lonely people can become bitter and come across as “mean” when they are really just lonely.


= > Do you plan on auditioning for any other faith based films?

Not unless God leads me to it just like He did this one.


= > What do you think is the most unique thing about you as an individual?


I enjoy people and love to make them smile and laugh.

= > How can others learn more about you?

I guess we could have lunch. I talk a lot.   lol

Pat Binkley

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  1. Pastor Debra Tate says
    03 January 13, 6:29am

    God bless you and I post this on my Facebook,
    Happy New Years!
    Pastor Debbie

  2. Sharon says
    03 January 13, 2:37pm

    Be sure to watch the video. Pat’s a hoot, very funny on camera.

  3. 03 January 13, 2:46pm

    We are looking forward to helping to premire this wonderful film on Sunday, March 10, at the Bedias United Methodist Chruch, Bedias, Texas.

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