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CFDb Interviews Phil Stevens

CFDb Interviews Phil Stevens ~ Director/Writer/Creator of Pressure Points

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What led you to start Pressure Points Ministry?

For several years, my wife and I have been leading a home small group for marriages. We have walked through a lot of pain and tough seasons with several couples. We’ve used marriage documentaries, teachings and clips from previous studies, but hadn’t really seen raw and honest conversations and fall out in any of the resources available for marriage.  God blessed me with some talent for filmmaking and then put on my heart to make films to reach marriages.

Tell us more about the ministry and your vision for Pressure Points.

Our hope for Pressure Points is that we continue to make films that people can relate to and that inspire hope in someone’s marriage. We don’t want to resolve the issues for them. In fact, the fixes and resolutions are different depending on the couple. What we want to see is for the films to:

  • Identify that these struggles are real and need to be addressed. Many marriages face the exact same issues.
  • Spark conversations in their marriage. Many people struggle for longer than they need to because they either don’t talk about the issue or don’t know how.
  • Encourage couples to see that ‘getting help’ is the next and best step.
  • Encourage couples to have grace with their spouse as they walk through these issues.
  • We are also turning this into a marriage small group study. We are currently building curriculum for churches and marriage counselors to use for couples trying to get through a tough season in their marriage.

Phil Stevens

What has been the response of the public?

  • People are jumping on board to help. It’s a ministry, so it runs solely on volunteer help and donations.  All the website fees, operational costs and costs of production are funded by our own money and generous donations. That’s a huge deal. It means that enough people cared to contribute and help us get this thing started.
  • Secondly, people are feeling the God prompt. They are truly getting help and starting conversations in their marriage about these topics they wouldn’t have, had they not seen these films.  That’s supernatural intervention! One of these films may save one marriage or even hundreds.


Can these short clips be used in any setting?  Secular vs. Christian

Absolutely. We don’t want to beat people over the head with spirituality. It’s often hard to speak to hardened hearts with that tactic. These are in fact faith-based films that end in grace, forgiveness, love and hope. The type of love that only comes from Christ. However, these short films don’t blatantly call it out. It’s what drives the films and the love pulls people in.  It helps them relate. I’ll tell you what though; this journey with us will end with Jesus! Surprise!


Cheater (1024x576)

Tell us about the most controversial video clip made thus far?

I would have to say that ‘Cheater’ (adultery) was our most controversial. Not many people on the creative team wanted to believe that a wife, who had just been cheated on, would choose forgiveness and wanted to fight for the marriage.  In fact, after we published it, several stories poured in of marriages that made it work after they chose to forgive. It was still hard, but with God’s help, they made it worked.

Secondly would be ‘Addict’ on the topic of pornography. It’s pretty much every man’s battle. That’s a tough topic to understand, tackle and put on the table.  We did!

Can we expect more videos to be made for the Pressure Point series and will they be available for sale on DVD in the future?

Yes. We are making films on blended families, intimacy, job loss, debt and more.  IF, the project ever finishes we’ll release the bulk of them on DVD. The request has been made several times. That’s exciting too!

Phil Stevens 1

How can others learn more about this ministry and where can they watch these clips?

Wow! Great question. Our ministry organization can be found primarily at That’s also the place to donate if our cause and films have touched you in any way. We still need help to keep this going. PLEASE consider it.

We also have a platform on Facebook where we encourage and lift up the marriage community with marriage tips and support at It’s a growing community and it’s beautiful. It’s rewarding to touch and positively change people’s lives this way.

We are also on Twitter at and Pinterest at


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