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CFDb Interviews Rebecca Pettit

CFDb Interviews Rebecca Pettit ~Director/Writer/Producer

Rebecca Pettit

= > How did you get involved in the film industry?

I grew up going to NYC in the summers to visit my grandmother and uncle. My uncle was a set designer, graphic artist, and assistant art director. He inspired me with the dazzling world of cinematic storytelling at a young age, but it wasn’t until I was 23 and living in Jerusalem, Israel that I realized I wanted to be involved in telling stories through film.  Living in such a high-intensity area, I came to realize the power of media and global perception. My time there kick started me into film, and thanks to my uncle, I received my first kit and started documenting the stories I discovered around me.

Abraham's Promise Screen Shot

= > How did ‘Stevie’s Trek to the Holy Land’ first begin?

Stevie’s Treks started in India when I was talking to my brother Stephen (of Stevie’s Treks). We talked about bringing travel, adventure, and Biblical education to a “tween” audience in the US. We produced Stevie’s Trek to India, Peru, and Zambia before the Holy Land series. Having lived in Jerusalem for three and a half years, I was keen to showcase the concept that the stories of the Bible took place in real locations with real people. I wanted to show the kids of the world the redemptive story through a boots-on-the-ground perspective.

stevies-treks-Abraham's Promise (716x1024)

= > Please tell us more about ‘Stevie’s Trek to the Holy Land: Abraham’s Promise’?

Stevie’s Trek to the Holy Land, as a series, is focused on taking some of the fairytale feeling out of the Bible and helping kids connect with the Biblical narrative in a more tangible way. For example, we want our audience to understand what it would have been like to really live in the desert in a goat hair tent. Incorporating those aspects of daily life which are often passed over in scriptural education was a large part of our focus. Making scripture come alive to believers of all ages is one of our overarching goals. Abraham’s Promise, as the first in this five-part series, lays the ground work for us to discover God’s plan for redemption. There is a strong sense of discovery in this first piece: we are really doing some serious exploring and moving around the country, traveling in the pattern that would have brought Abraham to his greatest test of faith, the sacrifice of Isaac.

Rebecca Pettit in action

= > Has ‘Stevie’s Trek to the Holy Land: Abraham’s Promise’ won any awards?  If yes, tell us about them.

Abraham’s Promise won first place in the documentary category at the International Christian Film Festival, it was a finalist at the International Family Film Festival, a finalist at the San Diego Christian Film Festival. It was also selected at The Attic Film Festival, Kingdomwood Film Festival, and the Crown awards.


 Rebecca Pettit group photo (1024x683)

= > Do you have any other films in the works right now that you can tell us about?

Yes! We are in the process of releasing four more films in the Stevie’s Trek to the Holy Land series. We expect them to be released in the next 6-8 months. The Miracle of Moses, is the next episode in this exciting series and will be released in July 2013. The Stevie’s Treks series is co-produced by Heart Publications and they have been a great partner with us through this process.

I am also excited about two other documentaries highlighting the islands of Micronesia — Paradise Palau: Discovering Paradise and The Promise of Pohnpei. I have spent the last two years also working on this series about the Micronesian islands. These stories delve into the history and culture of the Micronesian peoples and explore what God is doing on these remote Pacific islands. This series is currently available online and was co-produced with Harvest Ministries in Guam.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work? 

You can learn more about what I am up to at ;; and I keep pretty active on vimeo and facebook as well!



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