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CFDb Interviews Robert Orlando

CFDb Interviews Robert Orlando ~ Director/Writer/Editor

= > What steps led you to become involved in the film industry?

I don’t know if I would call them steps? As a nine or ten year old boy I wrote and directed (Super8mm) my first script about school kids playing hooky and due to a sudden storm, they needed to hide inside an abandoned home, only to find out that the house was haunted. The characters were my school friends and my Dad held the hose for rain. Years later I went to School – Visual Arts film school in New York City, and that’s where my passion took off.


= > What inspired you to write “A Polite Bribe”?

I guess like any Christian (Catholic to Mainstream Protestant) I grew up wanting to know more about my faith. Why people believed what they did and that meant studying the Bible.  It also meant learning Greek. After a conversion at about 17, I developed an insatiable desire for Scripture and history and in particular the letters of the Apostle Paul. The story is a long one, and it is captured in the preface of my book A Polite Bribe, coming out soon, but I see my life in 3 Acts, with Act 1 being strictly as the believer, then Act 2 as the student of history and the bible, and Act 3, as more of the investigative storyteller, the filmmaker. All of these stages contributed in different ways to my wanting to tell this story.

= > Can you tell us more about your current documentary, “A Polite Bribe”?

A Polite Bribe explores the little known fact of the early Church’s collection that was agreed upon by Paul and Jesus’ brother James and later rejected by James and the others. This “plot through line” leads us into a very human story about economic, political, and ethnic conflict much of the church world has never known.


 = > Do you have any excerpts available from the film?

A Polite bribe on Vimeo has all you need to download and make whatever files you want.


 = > Can you share some of the reactions to this film with us?

The reaction has been explosive. Believers are surprised and inspired by the human tale behind the great Apostle Paul that caused him so much suffering and sacrifice, all so he could share the gospel of freedom revealed to him by Jesus.


= > Is there a way people can help “A Polite Bribe”?

Here is how you can help…

If you have not ordered the DVD or Book please do and add to our already growing list. It will not be an actual purchase or final commitment, but just a signing on to a list to “say” you would be interested in the purchase after the DVD and/or Book is released.

Though it is quite a challenge, we are confident we will find the next step in our campaign, and having your pledges to the DVD and Book can be another major factor in breaking a deal. Thanks for any of your help in advance.


= > Where can people learn more about you and your work?



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