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CFDb Interviews Rodney Wiseman

CFDb Interviews Rodney Wiseman ~ Actor/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Screenplay Author

Rodney Wiseman

= > Please tell us how you got involved in acting.

I started out in acting… Basically I needed a job. I had no plans or desires to become an actor. I heard on the radio, they were looking for extra’s to fill the character roles of inmates in “The Last Castle”. Food and Pay? Oh yeah! Immediately afterwards, I was called by an agent. (Of whom never represented me, but pointed me in a good direction.) They told me there was a Country Music video,(Too Good To Be True) by Michael Peterson,that was filmicng in the same location(Penitentiary in Nashville) and they were looking for some background persons. Still being between jobs, I showed and was hired. Between these two jobs, I did take some acting classes with Alan Dysert, in Nashville. But for the most part, I had no interest in pursuing it as a career. It was simply a job.

Years later, through life changing events, I relocated to Missouri. I met a kind gentleman by the name of Scott‐Arthur Allen, founder of Creative Actors Workshop, Springfield Missouri.

Still being solid in my music career, it sparkled my interest when I found out he had sung on the original Louisiana Hayride, with Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc. He asked me had I ever considered acting.

(After I told him of my involvement in the music video and “The Last Castle”. Story short, he took me under his wing and trained, disciplined, encouraged and reprimanded me. After studying under him, I spread my wings and started networking and here I am.



= > What was your first acting role and what was your favorite role as an actor?

My first acting role is hard to say. As a job… I previously mentioned the Country Music video and an extra for “The Last Castle”. As a career… all roles are significant. I new I needed a demo reel and a resume built. I needed something besides background work. I began soliciting at college’s that offered a Filming Program. In a short time, I had a very good demo and strong roles on my resume.

Through research on the web, I found a Faith Based film, holding auditions online. (Frontier Boys) Frontier Boys Video

After submitting my resume, I was given a call time to audition through Skype. The director, John Grooters, loved my performance, but was concerned about the Southern Accent. He asked me if I could give a Chicago type accent, like Vince Vaughn. I replied, “Absolutely”! Having NO idea what he was talking about, I commenced to perform the dialog, with the best Chicago dialect a Southern boy could possibly perform.

Afterwards, John Grooters responded, “Wow! That was even better! Opens up a whole new idea for my feature. That was the Best Irish Dialect I’ve heard”! I gracefully replied “Thank you”. After a few minutes of conversation, we hung up, I scratched my head and thought, “Irish? I thought I was doing Chicago”? John changed the name and the background of the role and I got cast as Sean O’Sullivan, the Irish Gang leader.

As for my favorite, I would say that would probably be up there. But then again, I am an artist that likes a challenge. The Irish gang leader, that was a challenge. I constantly studied the dialect, nature, etc. I would watch movies from Ireland and eat at Irish restaurants. Then there was “BrokenFaith”, whereas I played a Psychopath type of character. This was a challenge and I loved it. As an artist, I NEED A CHALLENGE. Like I’ve said before, “If there was a movie with only three roles left for me to audition for. 1‐ An Irish Gang leader. 2‐ A Psychopath. 3‐An overweight, 70 year old lady, bound to a wheelchair…. Strap a pillow to my belly! Put me in a polyester dress and throw me in a wheelchair!




= > Tell us a little bit about your background, including your faith?

I am the only son of 4 children.(3 sisters) Although I was raised in a small town in North Carolina (Walnut Cove, NC) and later on relocated to another small town in Tennessee (Cleveland, TN), born to missionary parents, I traveled a lot in my youth. (Domestic and Internationally)

Relocating and on the road a lot, put a lot of restrictions on my life, not being able to play sports or any other school involvement, but it also taught me a lot, especially with Multi Culture, Respect, Music and Art.

We had, what some would consider, some “Hard Times”, from God’s hand, to our mouth.  I remember many times as a child, I would walk the railroad tracks, in Germanton NC, 2 miles to the store, with a role of pennies and a carton of Pop Bottle’s, to trade in for a pound of pintos and a role of toilet paper. (I would usually jump the train, for a ride back home). To a lot of people, that was rough. To me, it was a way of life. We were always taught to be thankful with what we have, but Look Beyond the Mountains. Sure,through life, I have strayed from God. But I never Lost my faith in him and thankfully… He never lost faith in me.

 rodney wiseman 2


= > Is there a special moment in your singing career that stands out for you? Tell us about it.

A man told me that he was once on his way to Nashville, when he got pulled over by a police officer for speeding. When the police officer confronted him about speeding, he simply replied, “I’m on my way to Nashville, cause I want a record deal”! After the police officer ran his license, he then approached the man saying, “You already have a record in this county son, so I’m going to make you a deal. Slow it down and go back home”!

On a more serious note… I’ve been privileged to sing in an auditorium with thousands and I’ve been privileged to sing in nursing homes with a few.  I’ve had original BMI songs reach International Radio Airplay. (This was done through HMG‐Higgins Music Group‐ Nashville, Gene Higgins, of which I owe a great gratitude, for my music accomplishments) This also opened doors for me to sing with renown Christian and Country artist, such as Merle Haggard, Linda Davis and Mary Raybon. But after the concert, when I do my “meet and greet” and someone comes up to me, with a smile on their face and/or a tear in their eyes and says, “Your songs have touched my heart”… That Is that Special moment when you realize, it’s Worth It!

Whether it’s through my Music or my Films, touching the hearts of the people and making a difference is what it’s all about.

I do have some live performance videos on Youtube, as well as a new upcoming Music Video coming out entitled, “Don’t Worry Baby” (Daddy Is On His Way) This song is written about the love a Father and his Child. (Almost sounds heavenly, wouldn’t you think 😉 Expect it online, within the next few weeks. Some of my music can also be heard at



= > Share with us about your new script, “The Way of Luke” and has it begun production yet?

I am honored that The Dove Foundation, gave “The Way of Luke”, 5 out of 5 Dove Seals! Quote from Dove: ”This story needs to be made into a movie! We gladly award our Dove Family-Approved Seal to this manuscript for all ages and present it with five Doves, our highest rating. If a movie is made and keeps the same content in it, we could approve that as well. We hope it is made.”

You can view The Dove Review at:  Way of Luke, The Manuscript

“The Way of Luke”, is a Family Friendly screenplay I wrote and to be quite frank with you, the inspiration came from…My Life. It has a taste of “Sergeant York” and/or “The Dukes of Hazzard” (TV, not Movies) but with a Faith Based touch to it.

As the story goes…

Luke Justin winds up in a jail cell for fighting.(As he often does both, fighting and spending the night in Jail.) He is a good- hearted, good ole boy who needs to be pointed in the right direction. With the help of the local sheriff and Luke’s own wife Sarah, he finds himself doing community service, painting for a local church, and his subsequent visits with the pastor.

Trying to do his best, with what life has dealt him, he finds another challenge, when his wife, with forceful encouragement, takes in a foster child named Bradley. Can Sarah’s prayers of finally having a family be answered? Can Bradley’s dream of finally having caring parents come true? Can the Sheriff and the Pastor influence Luke into taking the right path or will the path be “The Way of Luke”?

You’ll have to Produce or Watch the movie to find out.

At present, we are in solid development for “The Way of Luke”. The project is receiving a lot of attention and we’re in talks with key talent and producers.



= > Tell us how people can learn more about you and your work?

Google: Rodney Wiseman Actor (and/or) Singer

In the near future, you’ll be able to stay up to date with blogs, films and even listen to music samples on my website. (Under Construction. Thanks for your patience.)


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