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CFDb Interviews Steven Sutherland

CFDb Interviews Steven Sutherland – Actor

= > Is there a person(s) that have inspired you to get involved in acting?

One of my biggest inspirations would have to be Will Smith. His acting ability is amazing. He’s always been my favorite actor! The roles he plays on screen are very inspirational to me. Not only is he a great actor; he strives to set a good example for his fans.


= > How did you get involved in acting and at what age?

I’ve always had an interest in entertaining people. I was probably around ten years old when I realized I wanted to be an actor. I took dramatics all through school. I was involved in High School plays as well. When I graduated I took an acting class in Royal Oak. From there my passion kept growing! My first role was a short for Wayne State. I’ve been an extra in a few films. I allowed certain things in my life to pull me away from my dreams of acting. I recently got back into it ready and willing to do whatever it takes! Nothing will get in my way again!


 = > Do you believe acting is your calling? If so, why?

Do I believe I need air to keep me alive? YES! Do I believe acting is my calling? YES! Acting is the only thing that really makes me happy in life. Every job I’ve ever had made me miserable. Acting is the only thing I want in a career! It’s an amazing thing to place pieces of you in a character so others can watch and relate. You don’t have to hide who you are. Acting allows you to embrace all your insecurities with pride! I have an insight to deliver emotion and I believe a lot of people can relate to that! Whether someone has a long day at work and needs to laugh at one of my comedies or cry with one of my dramas. A career in moving people, yes, I’ll take it!


= > What has been your favorite acting role so far?

A billion percent playing Red in Ashes of Eden. It’s a very complex role! Red challenged me emotionally in every aspect of who I am. I had a little bit of every emotion in this movie! My character is very relatable I had a lot of strong drive to play Red! I embarked in a long journey of to make sure I was real, raw and engaging!



= > Tell us about your role in “Ashes of Eden”?

My character in Ashes of Eden is very complex. It’s a role of life lessons. It’s about learning the hard way. He’s a troubled young man who is putting himself through a life of turmoil. Red deals with the consequences of his actions positivity and negativity. Red represents choices. We all have a choice in life whether we make the right decisions or not. He happens to make the wrong choices and this story shows the outcome of his decisions. He’s the hero yet the villain.


=> How can others learn more about your career?

You can check me out in IMDB!

I also have a fan page on facebook!

And a wix account!

I also just started up a twitter!



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