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CFDb Interviews Susan Reed-Strowhorn

CFDb Interviews Susan Reed-Strowhorn ~
Producer/Writer/Founder ~ MCIIFF
Midwest Christian Inspirational Indie Film Festival

Susan Reed-Strowhorn

Please share with us how and when you got involved in the film industry?

I began studying film while attending Columbia College in Chicago and fell in love with the entire process of just creating a vision others could indulge in whether a good or bad experience. That’s what film is to experience!

Can you tell us more about what led to this Film Festival, MCIIFF?

Being an independent filmmaker your mind is always plotting and planning the next big thing to gain an audience. I had spoken about the what next in conversations over time and GOD revealed to me in a dream that this was planted in my spirit by him and to move forward. It was birthed in 2011 and has been receiving a nice buzz here in Chicago. We’re getting ready for 2013! This festival embodies inspiration and Christian nuances that generally are overlooked in this industry. I’d like for people to feel confident that a genre such as this can and will be needed for our viewing audience. I was tired of seeing the same old stuff at festivals and needed to create a platform for those like minded individuals to share the gospel through their creative, independent filmmaking experience.


What is your ultimate goal for the MCIIFF?

My ultimate goal is to establish the festival as a nonprofit organization geared toward changing the lives of our very diverse youth with opportunities to continue their education with scholarships in film, making films that inspire, save and spread the good news of our Lord & Saviour. Our world needs prayer and comfort and I’d like to have a hand in it as one of GOD’s servants to say “I hope You are well pleased”!

What are the benefits to filmmakers for entering the MCIIFF?

The benefits of entering MCIIFF are still being developed from one year to the next. Being relatively new, we wanted to embrace filmmakers like family. We offer monetary prizes for each category of film selected as a winner, a meet the filmmakers welcome dinner for those participants that join us, wonderful gift bags with loads of goodies and items that reflect Chicago such as discount theater passes, tours, workshops and more great inspiring films from all over the world! My desire was to create a truly awesome family-friendly experience from myself and the MCIIFF Team!!


How can filmmakers submit their films to this year’s film festival and what are the deadlines for submissions?

Filmmakers can submit their films online at our website. and click the submissions tab for all the necessary information. Currently we are accepting early submissions and final deadlines aren’t until late July early August. I’m happy to assist with questions and/or concerns at or I can be reached at 773-491-9996.

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I truly want to thank you for being a supporter and showing me so much love as you know with “GOD ALL things are possible”! I pray to move forward with this as long as I’m allowed 😉 Peace & Blessings to you CFDb and I hope to make your acquaintance soon! xoxoxo
Susan Reed-Strowhorn


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