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CFDb July 2013 Newsletter

CFDb July 2013 Newsletter


In This Issue for July, 2013
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CFDb Newsletter News!


CFDb Finally has the Profile/Bio Pages available!


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Michael Gier is just one of many profiles we already have.  View More.

CFDb Recommends:
Interview with Chip Rosetti – The Founder of Christian Theatrical Releasing

To Our Fellow Christian Film Lovers! 

July – This is an exciting month for CFDb.  The first week in July we are planning on attending the AMTC – Shine Event.  This takes place in Orlando, FL from July 2-7.

We do also have a high threat of fire danger where we are at.  We are in a severe drought here in CO.  We could use your prayers, as well as all the states and countries who all are going through some sort of crisis with disasters and/or losses.

Annelie Rudlaff, llc



 Matthew 5:16 – Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. 


CFDb – 5  Star Christian Movie Recommendation:



Don’t miss this great movie – show your kids too.  Great message and based on true stories.  These Camps are for Foster Children.


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Annelie's Christian Film World Blog

Annelie’s Christian Film World



A Strange Brand of Happy
Pre-Purchase your tickets TODAY 


CFDb Interviews Christopher Lee Power ~ Author/Actor




= > What led you to write the book Breaking Free?


I had spent many years being interviewed and having articles about me in newspapers and magazines. I did have a dream about 24 years ago about writing a book and in the dream I called it “Changes”.


It was in 2008 that I felt prompted to write my book as I wanted to tell my story and inspire many people but needed support. I sent the manuscript to every Christian publisher I could think of but every one of them said no. I wanted to give up but one day I received a letter from a secular publisher saying that they would like to publish my book. It was published a few years ago and has done very well.

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Coming Soon Page on CFDb
For Richer or Poorer
DVD Release Date 07/09/2013
Leaving Limbo
DVD Release Date 07/02/2013
Taken by Grace
DVD Release Date 07/21/2013
Boys of Valor
DVD Release Date 07/03/2013
The Covenant
DVD Release Date 07/02/2013
The Debacle
DVD Release Date 07/01/2013
The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club
Premiere Release Date 07/26/2013
MacLarry Veggie Tales
DVD Release Date 07/27/2013

Revelation Road 2
Select Theater
Release Date
The Cyrus Call
DVD Release Date

Earlier Films from 2013

One Nightstand
DVD Released
Tired! Running!
DVD Released

Annelie’s Christian Film World Blog

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