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CFDb Newsletter News!

Have you ever really LOVED your job?

We truly LOVE our jobs at CFDb and we look forward to partnering with more Christian Companies in the near future!


CFDb Recommends:

Cheryl Wicker Interviews Andrew Bongiorno of ‘Finding Normal‘.

Next month we’ll be announcing another partnership with


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To Our Fellow Christian Film Lovers!

March – The big March news is about The Bible: Mini Series – It begins on the History Channel on March 3rd! You can even Pre-order the series. This series is getting a LOT of attention. We plan on watching it…how about you?!

Have a Blessed Easter and praise God for the Resurrection!


Annelie Rudlaff, llc


I Peter 1:3 – Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

CFDb – 5 Star Christian Movie Recommendation:

Backroads & Lilies


You will have a good laugh and a great message from this film.

It’s a Jefferson Moore film so enjoy! This is a perfect Easter movie.



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This film is also known as Pieces of Easter and will be shown on March 1 in select theaters.


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Annelie's Christian Film World Blog

Annelie’s Christian Film World



CFDb Interviews Corbin Bernsen


= > What inspired you to write “25 Hill”?


At first I wrote it as a project to help save this great American Tradition that is The All American Soap Box Derby. As I took a closer look however, I realized that greater forces were at play. Central to the Derby is the notion of Family and Community. And are those exact things I was focusing on, trying to understand how we can reassemble this great country and return it to its glory. I love America, I love what it stands for, and those things, specifically family and community are the missing piece today. They are the bedrock of any strong society. If we feel that our country, our world is weak right now, then look no further than the strength of the families and communities on which they are built. The Derby, in the end, celebrates all that is great about family, community, faith and country. I think that’s what “drove me to it” as much as why I’m “drawn to it.”

Coming Soon Page on CFDb
Backroads and Lilies
Theater Release Date 03/01/2013
DVD Release Date 03/12/2013
Disconnect. Reconnect
DVD Release Date 03/15/2013
Foolishness: Skate Bible
DVD Release Date 03/05/2013
God's Country
DVD Release Date 03/15/2013
Revelation Road
DVD Release Date 03/05/2013
Season 2 GSN Release Date 03/21/2013
The Bible: Mini Series
History Channel – 03/03/3013

The Lost Medallion
Select Theaters 03/01/2013
DVD Release Date 03/05/2013
Air Waves
DVD Release Date – 03/15/2013

Films from February, 2013

DVD Release Date - 02/13/2013

DVD Release Date 02/12/2013

Online on YouTube now

Annelie’s Christian Film World Blog

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