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CFDb’s First Film Festival Appearance – PPFF
Pan Pacific Film Festival

Blogs about PPFF  
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Silver Dove Interviews on the Set of Posey
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Special PPFF Interview

Location of Pan Pacific Film Festival
Sonoma Christian Home Magazine interviews
David WoodRoma & CFDbCFDb Now Features Christian Movie News on the Home Page
To Our Fellow Christian Film Lovers!Novemberis the time for THANKSGIVING!   This picture reminds me of a road where I grew up in Dix Hills, NY (Long Island) – or Lon Giland as the locals pronounce it.Even in the midst of a fallen world, God allows such beauty and variety and we need to appreciate it…not only in nature, but in each other. 


Annelie Rudlaff, llc



I Thessalonians 5:18 – In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 


CFDb – 5  Star Christian Movie Recommendation:


The Letter Writer

This movie comes out November 5, 2012 and WOW – what a film! 


You can purchase this film today.

This film made a difference in my life and gave me another special purpose.

We are capable of doing great things for God by encouraging others!


Roma & CFDb
Roma Downey & Annelie (CFDb)

CFDb Blog about “The Bible: Mini Series” Blog




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Annelie's Christian Film World Blog

Annelie’s Christian Film World



CFDb Interviews Tony Longo – Actor

Tony Longo

= > What led you to become an actor?


I have been a 6FT 6In (Now) 350LBS, Working Character Actor for the Past 30 Years (100 FILMS). Last year I was Struck by LIGHTNING In My Mouth while FILMING In Arizona. I Survived, but was left with a “Slight Lisp”. That is just a “Spec” of My Incredible Career and Journey.


I became an Actor simply Because I felt it Inside. I moved out to California from New Jersey 30 Years ago. Right from the start I Believed I was NEVER Alone. I did my Road Work with God as My Partner. I Got Up Every Week Day and Road a motorcycle (Eventually drove/when I could afford a car) to a list of Production offices I had made. I began Knocking on doors. I Immediately met my Agent of 30 years in an elevator. We have recently parted ways on good terms. It was “Simply” Time for Change. Presently I am Meeting with new Agencies the same “Old School Way”. I just signed with a Great Commercial Agency “BBR Talent”. I am taking my time meeting with Theatrical Agents. I want and Trust that God will Lead Me to the Next Agent I will ever be with. Hopefully for My Last 30 Years of My Career.


= > What was the first film or TV show that you acted in? What was the role you played?


I got the first Commercial audition I ever went on for Gatorade. Many Commercials followed. I had a good Healthy Look (6FT 6IN-250LBS at the time).


My first acting role was Playing “Artie the Security Guard” (Jolene’s boyfriend) on “Alice”. From “Alice” I got the role of “Rock” in “16 candles“. Also that summer did “Splash” and “Fletch”. My First Lead in a TV Series was Playing “Stump”(Character like Lenny in “Mice & Men”) on NBC in “Helltown”.


To Read More…


Coming Soon Page on CFDb
Coming in November, 2012
November Films
Upcoming November Films
The Measure of a Man
DVD Release Date 11/6/2012
The Love You Save
DVD Release Date 11/6/2012
The Letter Writer
DVD Release Date 11/6/2012
Saint Street
DVD Release Date 11/9/2012
DVD Release Date  11/13/2012
3 Day Test
DVD Release Date 11/6/2012
Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea
DVD Release Date 11/6/2012
3 Blind Saints
DVD Release Date 11/20/2012
Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed
DVD Release Date 11/12/2012
Healed By Grace
DVD Release Date 11/6/2012
The Letter Writer
DVD Release Date 11/1/2012
The Most Beautiful Flower Blooms in Winter
Release to Film Festivals 11/2012


Films Recently Added That Came Out In 2012


Rogue Saints

Trade of Innocents

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