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CFDb November 2015 Newsletter

CFDb November 2015 Newsletter

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CFDb Pick of the Month
Another powerful film based on the true story of Toni Jo Henry, a woman tried for the crime of murder in 1942 in the state of Louisiana.  Buy/Watch Now

CFDb Interviews Geb Gerard – Actor/Producer

What differences have you seen between working on a Christian vs. Secular Film Set?

As an actor, it’s hard to pick good work. I’m really not a place in my career where it’s easy to say no to jobs, so I end up compromising from time to time because I’m human, but I feel terribly about it. With this film, and other faith based films, I’m able to be myself, and embrace that I’m doing something that is suitable for everyone in the family, that won’t cause somebody to stumble, and might even be a story that sheds some light or inspires someone in their own faith.

Upcoming Films for November

 November 2015 Upcoming Films

Saint Nicholas_ The Real Story
A Matter of Faith
Saving Christmas
A.D. The Bible Continues
Paper Angels
The 33
11/13/15 – Theaters
The Return

Christian Movies Released Earlier This Year

One Church
Only God Can
I Am Potential
My Son_ My Savior
Final The Rapture
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  1. Jon Bonzor says
    01 November 15, 3:05pm

    I was in an acting class with a Los Angeles director/ coach. In the class was a a 12 , 14, and 2 -16 yoa (pre-teen and teens). the rest were adults. The language used was completely filthy at times. The scene selection performed by adults in front of these young people were about a man sleeping with his daughter and a brother (son) proclaiming “There is no God” and a brother that was mentality distraught” , and another scene by 2 other actors was about a preacher with homosexual suppression and being tempted by his once upon a time lover. The 16 year olds did one where they girl had just slept with a man and her boyfriend came home and it was nothing.

    It really grieved my soul that the class was so “Liberal” without considering the young impressionable attendees. It still troubles me and my spirit to the point I don’t know if I can continue my craft and training. Acting is basically telling a believable story…some stories (scripts) written by perverted minds aren’t worth sharing…at a crossroad today…jon Bonzor

  2. Annelie says
    01 November 15, 5:58pm

    That is so sad Jon and I’m sure that is quite common. It’s important to ask questions in advance before taking any classes so you can find out what type of teaching it will be. There are many stories definitely worth telling. ‘Woodlawn’ is a perfect example. There are a lot of movies that really glorify God in all that they do and within their movies.

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