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Check out the latest Denver, CO Acting Opportunity

Check out the latest Denver, CO Acting Opportunity


“In His Hands,” (working title) is a short (@ 10 minute) film that dramatizes a woman’s journey from the occult to Christ. Based on a real life experience, the film captures the escalating anxiety of a woman deep into reading Tarot cards and other occult practices and her discovery of real Truth and the peace of Christ.

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The film, non-denominational in message and outlook, has modest funding from St. Thomas More Singles Group, a Catholic church in Littleton, CO.

The film will shoot in and around Denver. We hope to start shooting in the next 3 months. We expect to shoot on weekends, possibly on Saturdays over 2 – 3 weekends.

We have a tentative agreement with a professional camera operator who has lighting and other equipment. And, we’ve just received an offer from an award-winning film and media production company to provide guidance and help.

 Earth wrapped in film with images

This is a not-for-profit film. Our aim is to take the film to a few Christian film festivals and post it on Youtube. We’re looking for actors (and possibly crew) who will work for modest honorariums.

(CFDb wants to add something here – At the AMTC Shine Event, we heard a great presentation by Nise Davies, (Advantage Models and Talent) some of you know her as Ben Davies‘ mom.  She gave some FABULOUS tips for actors.  One of the tips that were mentioned was this:

You can offer to work as an extra on a film for free, that will open doors for you as well.  Make sure you work just as hard, or harder when you are working for free.  Show integrity and character wherever you go!  You never know what connections you might make, even working on a short film.)

The parts we need to cast are:

– Serena, a “psychic,” mid-30’s (or thereabouts)

– Mrs. Huff, one of Serena’s regular clients, older, at least 50, preferably 60

– Gardener, a male, 35 and up, who can sing a bit

– Young man (minor role)

In His HandsJudith Sears, Writer/Producer, Steve Wald, Director of Photography, and Jill Usher, Producer

Judith Sears

A bit of background on me, Judith, the writer: I’m an amateur film lover. I served as associate producer on a short family film last year; have taken several screenwriting courses online through UCLA and two of my short plays have had staged readings at the Playwrights’ Showcase of the Western Region (Red Rocks CC).

If you’re interested in auditioning – or know someone who is – please contact:

Judith Sears

If you have some great Christian Film Content for the CFDb blog, contact us.


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