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‘Christmas Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Christmas Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace tells the story of two rival toy store owners competing for business over several Christmas seasons.

One of them is Gary a young toy store owner who runs an honest business and who tries to be a good Christian witness to his customers. Things are running smooth for Gary until his business is threatened when a much larger toy company moves to the neighborhood.

The owner of this larger company Jim Tollman is a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to grow his business and eliminate his competition. Since his most immediate competition happens to be Gary’s store he sets his target on him.

As the story unfolds it becomes very clear that God is at work in the lives of these two men, and Gods Grace and Providence work out in ways neither of them could of imagined.

Sneak Preview

Christmas Grace

Besides a great musical score, I really enjoyed this film, although part of me wanted to wait until Christmas to watch it.  Here were some highlights:

  • God is loving all the time, but we don’t always know why or what He is doing.
  • LOVE any movie about true entrepreneurs.
  • Fabulous example of grace and true forgiveness.
  • Such a touching gesture the main character makes towards the end of the film.  It really brought conviction to me about how much Jesus loved and am I following His command to love others.

This film brings out how you never really know what seeds you are sowing.  Every word we say, everything we do is sowing seed in our own lives, and into the lives of others.  The question to ask ourselves is this, “Am I sowing good seed or bad seed?  Am I working for Christ or against Him?”  I hope we all can answer, by His grace, “Working for Christ”, as this movie portrayed quite well.

RC-1940sportraitRebekah Cook

We really liked Rebekah’s role in this film although it was a smaller part.  We would have liked to have seen some more of her in this one.  Check out the CFDb interview with Rebekah Cook.

The official release date is 9/23/2014 but you can pre-order today! on DVD

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