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‘That Which Costs’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘That Which Costs’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


That Which Costs

Judd is a 14 year old boy who has just moved to town. Having a broken past, he comes to grips with the pressure to find his place. Judd is faced with the choice to blend with the status quo or face the cost that comes with doing what’s right.

That Which Costs is a free movie with gospel centered themes that churches, home groups and youth groups can show as an outreach. The movie gives a few great illustrations about how living a Christ-centered life can cost us relationships and friendships. The cost can be great, but the reward is always greater.




Watch NowThis Short Film can be watch online for free!

That Which Costs

What a delight this short film was, very well done with a powerful message that can and should be shared all over, especially with the youth!  A couple of things I really liked about this film were:

  • The portrayal of true Christianity in action, yet completely realistic, showing the struggles involved in doing the right thing.
  • The really admirable mom, the way she handled situations.
  • Really nice ending too.

Grade school and High school are such a small portion of our lives yet while we are living during those times it seems that those days will never end.  I like the saying, “This too shall pass” – that is what is guaranteed.  Things will always change, no matter what we are going through today…hang in there because there are days coming that will be better and if we hang in there and trust in Jesus…eternity waits for us too, with no more tears and no more pain.

The question to ask ourselves today is…”What can I do today to make someone else’s life better?”  If it’s sticking up for someone…do it today!”

We recommend this film, it should be shown and discussed especially with the youth.

Hope you are as blessed by this film as we were.

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