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‘Doonby’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Doonby’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation



Sam Doonby, a mysterious, handsome drifter gets off a Greyhound bus in a small Texas town and finds work at Leroy’s Country/Blues Bar where his great musical talents make him very popular, especially with Laura, the beautiful but spoiled daughter of successful doctor Cyrus Reaper.

Sam always seems to be in the right place at the right time to avert disasters befalling the town and its people until suspicion and jealousy drive folks to ask who he is and where he comes from. Even Laura starts to question him so now he disappears as quickly as he came and things start to go badly wrong. His rejection results in terrible shocks for the whole town, not least for the doctor and his family as Cyrus’ past comes back to haunt him.


Sneak Preview

doonby screenshot

This may be the first time we’ve ever done a HIGHEST recommendation and there is GOOD reason for this film.  There are a couple of other films that we would have thought to give this to as well, ‘Alone, Yet Not Alone‘ and ‘Meant to Be‘, both for completely different reasons.

This is a movie I saw at the Pan Pacific Film Festival last October and I couldn’t WAIT for it to come out so I could see it again.  The wait is ALMOST over, it comes out in select theaters on November 1, 2013.  Mark your calendars NOW!  If this isn’t coming to your local theater, get more information about how to bring this movie to your town, it IS that important.

This is a movie that we would not recommend for younger viewers because of the intensity of the film, but it’s a movie that everyone else should see, Christian or non-Christian.  It’s a film that keeps you on edge and has a completely unexpected ending.

Here are just a few things I loved about this film, without giving away any spoilers:

  • There were some great gems in this one and some laughable moments too.
  • Every individual IS important.
  • Enjoy every moment and try to make a difference.
  • All our actions carry a legacy.

There is so much more I want to say about this film, but it would give away too much so I’ll leave you with this…This is a movie that will impact your life and the lives of others.


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  1. 13 October 13, 1:22pm

    We would love to be able to share this wonderful film, but the $600 church fee is beyond our budget.

  2. 13 October 13, 6:35pm

    Annelie and Roger!!! yayaya and double yayaya!! Im sooo excited you saw the new & final cut of the film which rounds out the depth & complexity of “Doonby” the film’s journey. Peter Mackenzie, director, really leaves the audiences impacted deeply and walking away in profound thought.. (not ur happy ending, but can lead to true life happening endings for people during their own life journey)…. every nobody is a somebody!!!

    This is a message response to Dave Woodruff re church fee.. he can TUGG the movie for FREE to a local theater for one night screening.. It wouldn’t require any money, just promotion to his congregation to purchase tickets in advance. Upon 80 tickets being sold (approx 20 families of 4), the movie will be confirmed for that screening block.. Upon 79 tickets being sold, the movie will be cancelled and everyone will receive a refund..

    The neato thing about TUGG [besides that it’s free and anyone can request it to play in their local cinema] is you can hold a Q & A afterwards/mini sermon after discussing subject matter. We are hoping to arrange with the director Peter Mackenzie possible TUGG showings along the eastcoast where I will tour with the movie and hold a Q&A after and share a message to encourage the audience how to overcome life’s obstacles to live the calling God has for them.

    Here’s the link to learn more & TUGG Doonby to your theater for free: and you can always contact Doonby’s helpdesk to speak to someone live to walk you thru the easy steps… and you can TUGG Doonby for several weeks after Nov 1 to your local cinema theater. Its this really awesome new innovative distribution model.

    May everyone be blessed and Annelie and Roger… on behalf of Doonby cast and crew.. we are so honored for the amazing feedback and highest recommendation rating you gave this very powerful film.. My prayer is that allllllll teenagers and college students will see this film with their friends.

    Bless you,

  3. Annelie says
    14 October 13, 3:21pm

    I gave that review from the first cut so imagine what I would have given on the final cut. Looking forward now, more than ever, to see the final cut!


    Dave – make sure and read Jenn’s response to you too!

  4. Lauren says
    15 October 13, 1:05pm

    Hi everyone,

    This is a response to Dave’s comment about the $600 fee being beyond his Church’s budget to hold a screening of Doonby

    If tugging Doonby to your non theatrical venue is not a financially realistic option for you, there is GOOD NEWS! There is an alternative:

    You can bring Doonby to your local theater for a 1 time showing at no cost to you except the price of a movie ticket. You can find out more about this option here:

    I have included some more details below in case are like Dave and would like to better understand how you can go about bringing Doonby to your area without paying $600.

    Tugg is the organization that Doonby has partnered with in order to make it possible for Doonby to open in just about any American city that has a theater— as long as people like you request it, and then promote it. The steps are easy and simple. Here is what the process looks like:

    -Go to

    -You will then be asked to Register with Tugg (create a user name and password) Should only take about 2 minutes (a confirmation e-mail is involved)

    -Once you are registered you are able to fill out an event request application. The application is simple and should take no more than 10 minutes.

    -Once the application is received Tugg will be contacting you in 4-5 business days. TUGG will do all the leg work of setting up the show times by liaising with the theaters for you.

    -Once the showtime and location is organized by TUGG your only job will be to promote the showing so that the minimum amount of pre-sale tickets (usually around 60-80) are secured by the deadline.

    -If the minimum threshold IS met your showing will happen no matter how many more tickets are sold after that.

    -If the minimum threshold is NOT met then we simply cancel the showing and anyone who secured pre-sale tickets will NOT be charged.

    Super Simple. Anyone can do it! Bring Doonby to your Town and Share it with your community! Go here:

  5. Joe says
    13 February 15, 6:30pm

    I have to agree with Dave, $600 is way too much. In small towns there is no way a theater will give up any day for a film like this, even though it is a great film. We run a film series in Vermont, the least religious state in the union and that amount of money is 50% of our yearly budget.
    A film like this could get seen by thousands more people if they charged like most places (around $100 for a years licence). We charge a $5 admission to help cover the cost of the hall, with only a 100 seats we don’t come close. Hopefully the creators of this fantastic film will realize how much more revenue they could bring in by making the film affordable.

  6. Annelie says
    15 February 15, 8:55am

    I think the $600 must have been for showing it in the theater- I would look into that more.


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