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‘Entangled’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Entangled’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation



Entangled: For Everything There is a Key – Classically trained master illusionist, Harris “The Third,” has spent the majority of his young life dazzling audiences. His performances have been featured on literally thousands of stages throughout the United States, and his magic-with-a-message has captured the spotlight in over 15 countries on five continents.

In this highly anticipated project, Harris III takes you on a journey filled with wonder, inspiration and life-changing truth. Through an innovative blend of narrative film and his “live” show experience, this master communicator has created a never-before-seen style of DVD that is unmatched and uniquely his own.

More than a magician, Harris is a storyteller. And in a world filled with lies and deception, his narrative, his illusions, have a rare of way of revealing The Truth.

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harris iii entangled, christian movie film dvd

Here is another unique Christian film.  Great musical score and great film all around!  What a fabulous mission – to expose deception…and as an illusionist!

Here are some things I liked about this film:

  • The concept, for everything there is a key.
  • The Illusionist reminds me of this world and the unseen spiritual world around us.  What is going on behind the scenes are always important.  A reminder we ALL need from time to time that our battle is NOT against flesh and blood.
  • We trust our senses too much.  (Even more specific, we trust our feelings too much and that is normally what gets us into trouble)
  • Gratitude – thankfulness – powerful, yet few really understand this.  This film shows how thankful people were who had nothing.  Brings our own lives in perspective.
  • The importance of focusing on the eternal.

Finally, and most important to remember – God has a purpose for each of us.  He rescues us from meaningless lives.  ALL of us have a purpose, never forget that.  If we are breathing, we STILL have a purpose.

Don’t forget to check out the interview with Harris III as well.


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