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‘Finding Hope Now’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Finding Hope Now’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Finding Hope Now

This is inspired by the true story of Reverend Roger Minassian, who at age 53, knowing nothing about gang youth, leaves the security of his pastorate of a large middle-class church to step way outside his comfort zone, and enters into “another America”. He takes to the streets of our city, ravaged by gang violence, transforming the lives of over 1800 gang kids.

It is also the story of Santos Delgado, a gang member, who at age 16 has no future and little hope. He knows his future is either prison or death.

This film is about taking risk, embracing change, overcoming the impossible, and finding hope.


Sneak Preview

Finding Hope Now Cast

Another great Christian film. Beware! This one is a tear jerker and inspired by a true story.  Here were some highlights:

  • Action packed and full of surprises, with some humor mixed in.
  • The importance of having a dad in our lives.
  • How gangs are like replacement families, although not good replacements, it’s the CHURCH that is supposed to be a family too.  How are we living up to that role?
  • Doing the right thing – the minister like the Good Samaritan story.  Loved his response to what he did for someone who was hurt.  Also loved that he cared.  Not enough people give the rough kids a chance, someone has to step up and be that person.  (Practical ways, not just spiritual!)
  • Loved the minister’s genuineness!  He had no fear – just honesty and a willingness to reach the gang members.
  • Such overwhelming sadness for the death and waste of life for the children that are killed over senseless violence.
  • How pitiful that to make an honest living we barely get paid enough to live on.  How can we motivate gang members to turn away from a life of crime, when they can make so much more by NOT living honest.  Only Jesus can make that change!
  • Another thing that stood out is we need to train our kids and help each other to be prepared for challenges and failures in life.  We can’t always win, we can’t always get the job or have a child, the list goes on and on.  We need to learn to trust God and praise Him anyway, no matter what we are facing.  Like Daniel/Joseph/Esther/Ruth…Why do we think things will be so easy when they never were for our Lord and Savior?  When things get tough, don’t quit!
  • There is one scene that made me cry a lot- such a scene of betrayal and as I wondered how they could do this to someone that showed them love, I was reminded of my betrayal of Jesus every time I went against His will, sort of like that song, ‘The Hammer‘ -Who nailed Him there?  I turned and saw the hammer in my hand.

Powerful movie, especially the last half.  Watch this film and make a difference wherever you are, as a mom/dad, family member, church member, community member.  We can ALL make a difference in someone’s life!

Michael Badalucco

Michael Badalucco

This film really makes me want to watch ‘Cross and the Switchblade‘ again.  It reminds me a lot of that film and both inspiring messages of hope and what true love can accomplish.


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  1. cynthia noble says
    01 October 14, 10:15am

    Interesting ,inspiring tear filling and this is only the preview.

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