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‘First Love: Breathe. Talk to God. Listen’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘First Love: Breathe. Talk to God. Listen’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


First Love: Breathe. Talk to God. Listen

FIRST LOVE is a modern day story based on the life of Jesus’ disciple, Peter.

Joe is a natural leader who is impulsive and passionate, but he needs a heart transformation in order to follow a higher calling. As he struggles to decide between ambition and humility, his marriage to Catherine and his career hang in the balance. Catherine must come to grips with the reality of her past to find healing for present relationships.

Teenagers, Michael and Emily, are working through their faith and a budding friendship, while Emily’s sister, Sarah, covers them all with faithful prayer. Throughout the film, Anthony Vero and his Aunt Rosa guide and instruct with God’s truth, hoping eternal work will be accomplished as Joe returns to his first love.

Sneak Preview

What a pleasant surprise this film was for us.  Several things I would like to highlight from this film:

  • Love the button idea – has anyone else done that before – I’m seriously thinking about doing that.
  • Loved the dad spending time with his son, you don’t see that too often anymore and it’s so important for them to bond, even if it’s in little ways.
  • LOVED the aunt’s comment about the bus.  You’ll have to pay attention not to miss that one.
  • Enjoyed the comment about flirting.
  • Answered prayers increase faith.
  • Sacrifice leads to joy and fulfillment.
  • Selfishness leads to emptiness.
  • The example of how to lead your business for Christ.
  • An original song called, “First Love” written and sung by John Sherrill.

Bottom line is Love God, Love Others & Sacrificing for what’s right is NEVER in vain.


Rachel SchardtRachel Schardt

Our favorite actress in this film was Rachel Schardt, whose facial expressions reminded us so much of Drew Barrymore.  She was really wonderful in this film and hoping to see her again in future faith based films.

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  1. 04 August 14, 2:04pm

    We will offer First Love during our 3rd Thursday Christian Movie Nights at Miller’s Theatre in downtown Navasota, TX, on September 18 and some of the film’s production crew/actors will join us for the presentation. How cool is that? Bedias Christian Film Festival.

  2. Kitty Self says
    04 August 14, 8:18pm

    This is an amazing movie! First Love refers to many things in the story, most importantly a Christian’s relationship with Jesus Christ. The movie brings on tears and laughter, memories and contemplation. This review is right on!

  3. Robin says
    07 August 14, 12:40pm

    What a great way to clearly show the fact that “love conquers a multitude of sins.” First Love is a film to which most all audiences can relate–men, women, youth–all are represented in the story. Forgiveness, healing and unconditional love are the themes of this heartfelt production! Definitely recommend.

  4. Mike says
    08 August 14, 6:18pm

    What a great movie! I found the themes of love, faith and grace very encouraging. I was also impressed with the overall production quality.

  5. Carly says
    25 August 14, 9:26am

    I loved this movie! There are elements of laughter along with tangible ways to see the Lord moving throughout the family. Would definitely recommend it to all!

  6. J says
    22 January 15, 7:16am

    Great to see some former students and some familiar faces making their way in the industry! Congrats guys!

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