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“For The Glory” ~ CFDb Review

For The Glory


Kurt Kuykendall’s only escape from an alcoholic home is his childhood dream to play basketball for the U.S. Olympic team. When he is cut from his college team, Kurt takes a chance on soccer and finds his true calling. A modern retelling of the amazing true story.

As long as Kurt has basketball and a dream to work for, he can manage. But when Kurt gets cut at the end of his freshman basketball season, all that he’s worked for crumbles. Buoyed by new friends and a new faith in God, Kurt finds his true life’s purpose when he plays goalkeeper for his fraternity intramural soccer team. Inspired by a desire to impress a shy, popular cheerleader named Sherry, Kurt ignores his father’s advice and decides to try out for the University’s Division 1 soccer team after only 3 months of training.

With the help of his friend Al, Kurt wins the goalkeeper spot. Back at home, Kurt’s problems are far from over. His mother’s drinking is worse than ever, and his father leans hard on Kurt to carry his weight, dismissing his soccer success as a foolish waste of time.

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Based on a true story, “For the Glory” is an inspiring story.  Kurt, played by Jason Burkey of “October Baby“, did a fabulous job, as he always does.

This movie caused me to wonder how many people have lost out or are losing out on their calling in life because they were certain their calling was something else.  We each have a purpose in this life.  If we are breathing, we still have a purpose but many don’t ever find out what that purpose is, mostly out of fear, but sometimes out of stubbornness.

I was 100% positive that CFDb was my husband’s calling, his passion and I wanted nothing to do with it, except to watch Christian films, which I always enjoyed.  I tried everything else BUT the database and nothing else worked out for me.  For almost 3 years I volunteered and worked at many different places, while still working at home on our other job.  One day I asked God, WHY isn’t anything working out for me?  Then the light bulb came on and I was positive He was telling me to work with Roger on the database.  I had zero interest in the database at the time.  I trusted God and began to work on the database.  I suddenly loved everything about it and began the newsletter, then the blog reviews, interviews, etc.  I found out that I LOVE everything about the database.   I almost missed out on God’s calling in my life because I wanted nothing to do with it.

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