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‘God’s Not Dead’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘God’s Not Dead’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Highest Recommendation


God’s Not Dead

God’s Not Dead the movie a feature film that revolves around the lives of several individuals who are challenged and up against a world that believes God doesn’t exist with an appearance by the Newsboys.



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 God's Not Dead, Christian MOvie, Film, DVD

Great Cinematography, Great Musical Score, Great Music, Great Cast, Great Story, Great Ending & Great Idea…ALL AROUND GREAT!  One of our new all time favorites.  We definitely want to tell the whole world that God’s Not Dead!

Here are some things I want to highlight from this one, without giving any spoilers:

  • The quote, “Why would I do something I’m not proud of.”  (I would like everyone to ask themselves right now the question, is there anything I’m doing right now that I’m not proud of?) If the answer is yes…something needs to change.
  • Matthew 10:33 – But whosoever shall deny me before me, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. OUCH.  That is what this film represents to me and it’s also PERSONAL because a couple of months ago I dreamed this verse and when I woke up and looked it up I realized why I dreamed it.  God had convicted me of something and I went against that conviction.  Thankfully, after repentance…no longer.  It’s amazing how God can get His message across to us.  The best way is through His Word!
  • There is a question asked during the movie that I won’t repeat here but I’ll change it a little and say, “What if this movie…’God’s Not Dead’ is the only way some people will hear about God?”  Bring a LOT of people to this movie and let the Holy Spirit do the convicting on their hearts.
  • When the professor asks the students to write those words on a piece of paper I could only think of the 3 Hebrews who were told to either bow down when the music began or be thrown into the fiery furnace.  What a POWERFUL scene.
  • The humor throughout that really breaks up the seriousness of the film nicely.
  • The Cinderella Complex is brought out briefly in this film as well.  Well done, short but the message gets across.
  • God is good…all the time.  All the time…God is good.  We used to attend a church where the pastor said this before every sermon.  What I liked about it in this film was the man who came to visit the main pastor.  What a GREAT attitude.  Truly he was like Paul, he had learned to be content in whatsoever state he was in.  My goal as well!
  • Last mention here – if we could see as God sees, we would understand more why He answered our prayers or didn’t answer them the way we thought He should.

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  1. 25 February 14, 7:00am

    I wanna win so I can use these tools to help get people excited about the release of Gods Not Dead!

  2. Jennifer says
    26 February 14, 7:04pm

    I hope it comes to my area
    (as of a month ago, it hasn’t)

  3. Heather O says
    27 February 14, 11:42pm

    To get the word out in my church about this movie.

  4. Deborah Seeley says
    02 March 14, 4:06pm

    Thanks so much for the review! I can’t wait to see this movie!

  5. Ken says
    04 July 14, 10:01am

    Saw this movie last week at a local showing sponsored by our bank. Since we are a small rural community there were perhaps 300 people at the showing. This is the only movie theater within 50 miles of most towns. Enjoyed the movie and have ordered the DVD to show in my church for those that were unable to make it to the showing. The overall theme was fantastic but, I had some qualms about the ending. I felt there were threads that were unresolved. Had the perfect antagonist and protagonist for the movie; well done. Looking forward to the discussions this will generate in the church.

  6. Jess says
    18 March 16, 8:16am

    I don’t want to be hater, but I do want to be a Christ follower who promotes good, quality, well-written, well-composed Christian films.

    I found this movie very poorly written because there are so many sub-plots. Half the movie is not about the movie (the Professor and Josh) but about other characters which may or may not be connected to these two main characters. I feel that these sub-plots where derived out of emotion to connect the audience with the content, however most of the sub-plots are a hinderance to the actual main content of the story.

    I found poor cinematography. It looks choppy and awkward. If feels like there is not a good flow. Recently, I just watched A Matter of Faith, which deals with similar issues that this movie does. I found their cinematography much more fluid, natural-looking, less choppy, and very professional. I would encourage viewers to watch both of these movies and compare the cinematography and camera work performed in this movie.

    The acting was mostly horrible. The characters were mostly horrible. I found this movie to not have natural dialogue, it was very “fixed” or “planned” or “purposeful.” You could tell the makers wanted to tell a clear message, which I don’t agree with this technique. A message should bloom out of a movie like a flower early in the morning, not be forced and erupt out of the movie, which is how it felt. Most of the characters did not arouse emotion out of me. I did like the Professor and the lawyer (Mark?), they did a great job. They portrayed their character as best as they could and gave me “correct” feelings about the essence of themselves: a strict professor and a shadey lawyer. However the characters were underdeveloped. In a story, multiple characters should be developing and evolving. I did not find any characters evolve, and unfortunately… I am not talking about their conversion to Christ as an evolvement. As Christians, yes we want to see everyone accept Christ in a movie. As a storyteller, I want to see soul-deep changes to their character, their attitudes, their perspectives. I want to see that they see a box of Cherios as something more than a cereal, but a mark that the person can actually afford that box of beloved Cherios, or a remembrance of a long-lost grandparent whom they’ve spent the entire movie uncovering. Do you get my point? Conversion to Christ does not mean development in a character. I want to see other changes as well.

    One thing that A Matter of Faith did very well was portray each side of the conflict with equal balance. Their Professor (of biology) was old, funny man who was very well educated in his field. He had very good reputation with the school and his colleagues. He had mostly good relationships with his students. And his was relatable. God’s Not Dead did not portray each side equally well. Every scene with the Professor left a bad taste in your mouth. Especially at the dinner party.

    Let’s talk about this actually…. The dinner party. Have you ever had a dinner party like that? I hope not. That sucked. People don’t have dinner parties like that. Their unenjoyable. The Professor and his colleagues are people just like you and me. The only difference is their highly educated beliefs. I guarantee that atheists don’t sit around a dinner table at every gathering discussing their atheistic beliefs about the origin of the universe and the lack of a god. Do we? Well, I’ve been to a couple where we have. But mostly, we eat food, drink wine, talk about life, and LAUGH. (I’ll talk about that one later…) The dinner party should feel like a gathering that I would want to go to. This is because I am a person and they are people and we have something in common: we like good gatherings, so make it an enjoyable time.

    I said I would come back to this… laughter. A good movie will always make me laugh a few times. Even a seriously toned one, such as this one. The couple times I did laugh, I felt bad. The tone wasn’t right. There are two scenes that stick out in my mind where they could have been hilarious, but the film-makers decided to set a serious tone. Scene A occurs in the beginning with the elderly mother with dementia. The caregiver says that the elderly patient eats chicken everyday because she gets soo darn excited when she eats it! I am a caregiver. Patients with dementia can be hilariously funny. The things they say or do are just funny. My step-mom, a hospice nurse, sees a lot of this too. One time, she (the nurse) was actually the lady who was supposed to escort her client to the conference he was supposed to speak at. Another time, an elderly wife thought my step-mom was her brother’s (in reality, her husband) new girlfriend. Recently, she was the Avon representative delivering new samples. Do you get what I mean? The filmmakers could have totally made this scene in something memorable and hilarious. Scene B was when the Islamic brother was about the steal his sister’s iPod. This scene is delicate, and I am currently researching for how this scene could be improved. There is a comedic aspect (the annoying little brother) but there is also a serious aspect (Islamic brother finds out about his christian sister). I think the best comparison that I can make is one from The Blindside. There is a scene where Michael and the little brother are driving Michael’s new truck. They’re rocking out in the front seats and having a good time. But then Michael gets into a car accident and almost kills his life and his little brother’s life. This scene balances the silliness of the characters while adding the seriousness of the situation.

    Comedy is not bad. In fact it is good. I can say that growing up, my parents were wayyyyyy too serious. I did not become an actual Christian until I met some friends who did crazy stuff.. like stay up late and go to parks at midnight, see the midnight premier of movies, have LAN parties in a friend’s barn, and other “crazy” things as such. It wasn’t until that I knew that God was also a fun god that I realized I wanted to live a life with him. En lu of God’s Not Dead, I think they could have greatly benefited from adding a little comedy. It also helps connect the audience to the movie as well.

    I am sorry for a long, mostly negative review. However I do believe that when we rate Christian films, we should actually be looking at the film too. A lot of Christians will only look at the Christian aspect of the film, however if we don’t actually look at the film aspects as well, Christian filmmakers will never make better films that attract the general population. Right now, this film only attracts Christians. Christians will ask their non-Christian friends to see it, and that’s how they will get exposure. However I don’t believe this film is good, so I feel ashamed to pass this movie onto my non-Christian friends, asking them to like it. I hope you see what I mean. Christian filmmakers need to start making better films- with better characters, acting, camera work, sound effects and music use, and etc. I want a Christian film to win Best Picture one day. One way to do that is by offering HARSH critiques and forcing the filmmakers to step up their game and become more competitive. Bring Christ into a movie that actually a very good movie… not just to Christians, but the general public as well.

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