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‘Hero: The Series’ ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review


“No hero, super or not is ever gonna visit this neighborhood!” 12 year-old Gina vividly remembers the conversation she had with her best friend, Samantha, seemingly days ago. Being raised in a low-income neighborhood by an alcoholic mother with no father in the picture, Gina’s chances for a better life appear pretty grim. But when Gina loses everything, she realizes that her best friend was probably right. How would a hero even know about Gina? How would a hero find her? How could a hero help her? Watch Gina’s story unfold and discover the true meaning of: HERO.


Sneak Preview

Hero nurse

What a great beginning and perfect for a series.  This is a short film and it draws you in from the very start.  This is another film that will tug at your heart strings.

The truth is…someone needs to step up in situations like this and why not a Christian?  We should be the ones to automatically step up and make a difference.  To go the extra mile!

“He-ro” = one who has the ability to perceive a need, and have the courage to meet that need.


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