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‘Holy Ghost’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Holy Ghost’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Holy Ghost

Can the Holy Spirit direct a movie? Globe-traveling documentary filmmaker Darren Wilson attempts to find out! In this fast-paced film, you’ll witness the Spirit at work everywhere, from a heavy metal concert to the oldest city in the world. Guest appearances include Lenny Kravitz, Phil Vischer, Michael W. Smith, and William P. Young.



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Even though this documentary gave me a desire to live my life radically for Jesus, I have to say that I had mixed emotions about several parts in this film.  Here are some highlights of what I did like:

  • The Holy Spirit is better than drugs.
  • The Holy Spirit is God here on earth.
  • God’s gift to us is the Holy Ghost and He is willing to give us the Holy Ghost when we ask Him.
  • Some thought provoking conversations throughout.
  • We need to stop putting limits on God.
  • Loved the results of people accepting Christ as a result of the filmmakers taking a radical stand for Jesus.

This documentary set out to prove the Holy Ghost is real.  I have to say that since the Holy Ghost is like the wind, we can feel and see the results, but we can’t really prove His existence and we definitely cannot trust our eyes or our senses to affirm our faith, especially in a film (any film) where things that look real doesn’t necessarily mean it is real.

In all of Scripture I can’t recall any instances similar to the way in which they were referring to the Holy Ghost and how He was used.  It was as if the Holy Ghost wasn’t using them, but they were summoning Him up with some people that didn’t seem even serious about God at all.  It looked more like what you would see physics do or faith healers that have been proven false.   That doesn’t mean I think that any healing done during this documentary was false or insincere.

John 16:8-13

And when he (HOLY GHOST) is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Of sin, because they believe not in me; Of righteousness because I got to my Father, and ye see me no more; Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.  I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.  Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

Please know that the devil is out to deceive us in any way he can.  I am not so naive as to think that I cannot be deceived too. I have learned not to trust myself and go to the Word for truth.  I want to encourage you to make sure that whenever you think you hear a still small voice leading you to do something, check that voice with the Bible.  The Holy Ghost will never go against Scripture and neither will the voice of God or any angel that might appear to you.  Jesus is the Word of God and it is only in His Word that we can trust.

The only reason we put a parental warning on the film page is because at the one rock concert they pan across the audience and quite a few people are making signs that are inappropriate.

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  1. chickie brewer says
    22 August 14, 11:47am

    This movie is what a Christian needs to see!

  2. Jenn Crawford-Lierman says
    22 August 14, 5:21pm

    It’s a movie that I think my mother would be interesting in seeing. It would be nice to watch it together 🙂

  3. ANNA MOSLEY says
    23 August 14, 10:42am

    Because I want to fill my Household with Christian Needs, Because if anyone is left behind , I have a section in my home where they can go to, and Read and watch Like the left behind series, Plus this would make for a Green Sunday sermon, since we have Church at home ,and this will also be great for our 7 children to watch

    Anna Mosley
    @HEAVENANDUS7 >>>Twitter

  4. ANNA MOSLEY says
    27 August 14, 9:33am

    Just checking in 🙂

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