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“Home Run” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

Home Run

Big dreams and big plays have led professional baseball player Cory Brand far from home . . . but the memories of his abusive father continue to haunt him. Growing up with an alcoholic father, the sport was his only hope for approval. Now, as a popular big leaguer, his approval comes from his adoring fans.

That’s until a booze-fueled on-the-field meltdown carries over into the dugout, where Cory’s antics injure an honorary batboy. As if that’s not bad enough, the whole rampage is captured on national television.

Suspended by his team, Cory’s high-powered agent steps in. Helene cooks up a public-relations ploy that sends Cory back to his small Oklahoma hometown. Her best-laid plans, however, crash spectacularly when Cory’s DUI lands his brother in the hospital.

After years of hard partying and reckless living, the DUI and team suspension make him desperate to save his career. Forced to coach the local Little League team and spend eight weeks in a faith-based recovery program, Cory must face old wounds, new adversaries . . . and the love he left behind.

His journey leads him to a truth more powerful than he ever imagined—and toward the most important play of his life.

Features Saddleback Church’s Celebrate Recovery 12-Step Program!


Don’t miss it!


Get a group together and see this film!  I promise it will be worth it!


Sneak Preview

Home Run is a MUST SEE and Christians need to unite together and go see this in the theaters. This is a POWERFUL Christian movie and yet it’s so great I would bring anyone to go with me, Christian or Non-Christian.  This movie deals with such REAL issues.  This movie can touch a LOT of lives.  If you have been hurt or are hurting now, go see this film!  There are answers!

Even though this is a serious movie, there are some great moments of humor in it as well.  Loved the part on the baseball field about the “Sound of Music“.  You’ll have to see it to know what I’m referring to.

There are 2 great parts for me – Both are statements that are made during the film.

1 – “Nothing great happens when you hold back”  – Fantastic – can you get better than that?

2 – “Where do you think he learned that behavior?” – Again – a reality check – powerful scene.  Pay close attention to that scene and remember in life, that everything we say and do has consequences…good or bad.  What are others seeing in us?  Jesus?  Kindness? Love? Hatred? Unforgiveness? Something to seriously think about!

It is wonderful that they focused on the Celebrate Recovery Program.  This looks like a great program and so needed as almost everyone on this planet has suffered at one point or another from some addiction or some sort of abuse.

You NEVER know what someone has been through or may be going through at the time you meet someone.  Instead of judging others, we need to love them, as Christ loved us.  What if every professed Christian treated others with respect as we are commanded, including those in our own families?  What a concept!  Let’s make the choice to begin today, only with God’s help can we make that commitment.

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