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‘Iesodo: The Series’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Iesodo: The Series’  ~
CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


Iesodo: The Series

Iesodo (pronounced Ya-Sa-Doe): The newest family-friendly video series based on the best-selling book of all time!

An original new animated series which features the universal messages and teachings from the most influential man in history. A wholesome, broad-based entertainment experience for the whole family. IESODO: Pronounced Ya-Sa-Doe means “The way of Jesus” in Japanese.

Where fun and faith take flight.

Vol. 1 – Believe / Vol. 2 – Love / Vol. 3 – Faith

Vol. 4 – Joy / Vol. 5 – Forgiveness

The Joy of Christmas CD

Sneak Preview


What a great series for children.  Besides the great quality we watched the “Faith” DVD which contains 2 Bible stories with lots of music and songs.

In this particular volume the feeding of the multitudes takes place.  What stood out most to me was the idea that they were waiting for days just hear Iesodo (Jesus) speak.  WOW.  The sudden realization of all the people that wait in line for days just to get the newest phone, when in reality, we should be standing in line for days waiting to hear from Jesus.

Have we taken for granted the easy access to His Word and to the churches we attend in freedom here in America?  It isn’t that way for others.  I may be time to re appreciate our Saviour and His Word.

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