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‘In Search of Francis’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘In Search of Francis’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


In Search of Francis

A solder, a beggar, a reformer, a saint and one of the most popular figures in history, the film explores and discovers these dimensions of Saint Francis. Is he the mythic figure of folklore, the patron saint of modern-day environmentalism, or the simple, somewhat strange mystic after whom so many birdbaths have been modeled?

Walker Films’ feature-length documentary In Search of Francis invites viewers to discover the man who inspired all of these associations. And more: look back in time and find a refreshingly complex, visionary peacemaker who not only revolutionized life in the medieval world, but who also continues to inspire us today in our search for faith, social justice, peace and global reconciliation.

Get to know all over again the saint you thought you knew, as this insightful documentary explores the following historical events in depth:

• His youthful, hedonistic life

• His aspirations to knighthood, and his role in the war between the neighboring towns of Assisi and Perugia

• His unusual conversion to deep faith to as he hears God speaking to him from the San Damiano Cross, and through befriending a local leper

• His daring journey to Egypt during the Fifth Crusade, seeking dialogue and peace with the Sultan of Egypt and the Moslem world at the time.

Further, In Search of Francis, takes a close look at the ongoing legacy of Francis in the world today. Get to know some of the activists, clerics, and everyday people who go forward in the radical spirit of devotion, engagement, and love that Francis exhibited. Discover that however great or small, we too can engage our world with the passion of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Filmed in Assisi, Italy, this film is an ideal resource for group study, not only in classrooms and churches, but in interfaith settings and for those concerned with peace-making and social justice.


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I’ve always been interested in St Francis so this was an intriguing documentary.  Here were some highlights:

  • Interesting beginning about nature praising God and how nature does what it’s created to do.  (It should be the same for us)
  • Unique.
  • Some beautiful cinematography.
  • Lots of information I didn’t know about St. Francis, especially about the lepers.
  • Some humor.
  • Great ending statement.

We can all learn from past experiences.  That is one of the reasons God gave us His Word.  This a documentary that will fill in some missing pieces about Francis’ life.

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