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‘Life Fine Tuned’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Life Fine Tuned’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Life Fine Tuned

How do you treat the world . . . when you are on top of it? How does the world treat you . . . when you’re not? What sound does the music of a spoiled young rock star make when she is out of tune with everyone around her?

Star is the center of her universe when she discovers how small it really is.

Paths cross between those climbing up the ladder, those falling off, and those putting the ladder away.  The sounds of classical, rock and bluegrass collide as lives intersect and the result is a new sound, a new life, a new beginning.

Star discovers that the art to fine tuning her life, is like tuning a violin so that it is in harmony with those around her.

Sneak Preview

Life Fine Tuned, Christian Movie, Film DVD

Great teen film!  I really enjoyed this film and here are a couple of things I loved about it:

  • The statement, “Life is randomly odd” – just even thinking about that statement I really liked it.
  • Loved the singing, especially towards the end of the film.

I really enjoyed the family pictured above and their role in the life of Star.  It’s important to be the living example of Jesus to others.



‘Life Fine Tuned’ at the State Theatre – The movie shows 12/14 – TOMORROW – at the State Theater, Culpeper, VA at 6:30 p.m. Tickets start at $7.50. Doors open at 5:30

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