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‘Little Hope Was Arson’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Little Hope Was Arson’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Little Hope was Arson

A story about Daniel McAllister and Jason Bourque – two young men who were raised together in church yet grew up to burn down the churches they once loved.

January 2010: In the buckle of the Bible Belt, 10 churches burn to the ground in just over a month igniting the largest criminal investigation in East Texas history.

No stone is left unturned and even Satan himself is considered a suspect in this gripping investigation of a community terrorized from the inside-out. Families are torn apart and communities of faith struggle with forgiveness and justice in this incredible true story.




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This film documents the true account of the 10 churches that were burned in Little Hope, Texas.  Here were some highlights:

  • Some heartbreaking moments that causes you to think about “What if that was one of my own family members or my own child that was charged with burning down a church, even my own church?  How would I react?”
  • The comment about God being a consuming fire and that fire either destroys or refines.
  • Very nice ending, encouraging.

My heart breaks for these 2 boys who are so confused and I couldn’t help but wonder how many more children, even those in the church, are just as confused. What can we do to help them?  One thing is to be real with them.  Just because we quote a particular verse does not mean we get what we ask for all the time.  It’s God’s will we are to pray for.

This film opens in select theaters on November 21, 2014


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