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‘Love Finds You in Charm’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Love Finds You in Charm’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Love Finds You in Charm

A Young Amish Woman Must Choose Between Two Paths, Two Loves…

Love Finds You In Charm is a romantic drama about a beautiful, young Amish woman – seemingly with it all – who jumps at the chance to spend autumn in scenic Charm, Ohio with relatives and finds herself pulled between two worlds and two men.

Young Emma Miller (Danielle Chuchran) would appear to be lucky. This beautiful Amish girl has a loving family and the community’s most eligible young man, Jacob (Kellen Boyle), wants to marry her. But she has more on her mind than buggies, bonnets and making her special goat cheese – Emma is secretly obsessed with Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice and restlessly longs for adventure and travel. When given the opportunity to spend the season helping her widowed cousin Lydia (Meg Wittman) in scenic Charm, Ohio, Emma jumps at the chance. There she meets an Englischer, librarian Kelly Bennett (Tiffany Dupont), who has come to town to escape her chaotic life.

Despite their differences, the two become fast friends. Settling into her cousin’s farm, Emma finds Noah (Trevor Donovan) – a striking, well-read, young Amish man who helps work the farm – intriguing, yet vexing. So when Emma’s cheese attracts the attention of a local bed-and-breakfast and a handsome wine-and-cheese blog editor, Andy (Drew Fuller), she finds herself pulled between two worlds and two men. Emma must decide whether to stay amongst the Amish, or leave behind everyone and everything she’s ever known to venture out into the world.

Features the original song, “Be Here,” performed by singer-songwriter Katie Herzig (whose music is frequently featured on “Grey’s Anatomy”) and written by Herzig, Seth Jones & Catt Gravitt.

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Charm is charming, a real Hallmark feel to it.  Here were some highlights:

  • Delightful show of true friendship in many ways.
  • Some surprises.
  • The grace shown by her dad.
  • You cannot be who you are not.  A very thought provoking statement.  Reminds me of a leopard not being able to change their spots…but God definitely can change us.
  • True love is a gift from God.
  • Dangers of vanity and the reality of sin starting off small.
  • Amish – always enjoyed the Amish films, gives us a little sneak peek into their lives.

If you enjoyed ‘Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio‘, you’ll enjoy this one too.

This will be released on DVD on January 12, 2016 but you can pre-order now.

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