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‘Love Waits’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Love Waits’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Love Waits

14-year-old Cheri Martin’s world is turned upside down after the death of her mother and a family move from a small town in Nebraska to a larger city in the South. Her fragile psyche appears to be an easy mark for Judy Green, the social queen at Cheri’s new school, who spearheads a stamp-out-virginity campaign.

Judy turns her attention and efforts toward converting Cheri when she finds out that the newcomer is still sexually pure. How will a young lady in Cheri’s predicament succeed in making Godly decisions, especially since her father has withdrawn from God since the loss of his wife?


Sneak Preview

Love Waits

It’s obvious from the title what this film is all about, a very important subject! Here were the highlights:

  • A serious topic, yet quite a bit of humor intermixed.
  • Everybody needs purpose.
  • Love the idea of the chastity pledge, and the class that goes along with it.  Learn more about True Love Waits.  Here are some more True Love Waits products.
  • Don’t confuse arrogance with excellence.  As Christians, we should do everything with excellence, yet always be reminded that we are no better than anyone else.
  • There are consequences to sin even if it’s not immediate.

This is a film we would recommend for youth to watch.  It’s a film I wish I had seen when I was teenager.  So much peer pressure in so many ways, and yet, this tackles the touchy subject of abstinence.

This film officially comes out 1/3/2015.


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  1. Maddikat says
    14 January 15, 9:52pm

    I hope this comes out soon! It looks good and hope to see more of it 🙂

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