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‘Not Today’ ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

Not Today

An aimless 20-year-old, adventuring with his buddies in India, discovers the global horror of sex slavery and makes it his life-changing cause.

When a college student travels to India for a summer trip with a few friends, he finds himself in a situation that will change his life forever. He meets a young girl and her father, Dalits by birth, who are facing starvation and plead for his help.


Sneak Preview


Roger & I had the privilege of seeing this movie at a screener and we are looking forward to seeing it again on opening weekend, which is the most important time to support a great Christian movie, a movie that will literally change lives as the proceeds from the ticket sales goes directly to ending Human Trafficking. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference!

There were a lot of facts given before, during and after the film.  A few of them stood out to me that I want to make mention here:

  • Slavery CAN be stopped!
  • 14,500-17,500 are trafficked in the UNITED STATES annually!
  • Between 10-30 Million are enslaved today!
  • 300 Million are oppressed, especially the Dalits – AKA the Untouchables in India
  • 46% of trafficked victims KNOW their recruiters

TEXT 68398 – to find out more on how to get involved with ending Human Trafficking!

National Human Trafficking Hotline – (888) 373-3888

Now for the FILM REVIEW –

We both really enjoyed this movie – it was a great story line.  A few comments I really liked:

1) The story doesn’t change, but our views change. Isn’t this the truth?!  Bad things are happening all around us but until it becomes personal nothing really changes except us, and then we are compelled to do something about it.

This film reminded me of ‘The Ultimate Gift‘, which was one of my favorite all time films.  The main character really reminds me of the main character in Ultimate Gift.  If you liked Ultimate Gift, you’ll like this one as well.  Both are heartbreaking films, but this one has a lot of reality in it as well as a lot of Christianity.

2) Pay close attention to what the words, “Not Today” really mean.  Tell me what you think of that.

3) If we fix our conscience, we sleep better.  Another great one.  When we are doing something in our lives that we KNOW isn’t right then the Holy Spirit convicts us of this until it’s corrected, sometimes because we are asking and are already Christians and sometimes it’s because people are praying for us or God is just trying to get our attention.

4) God always shows a path – we don’t always see it.  Another great truth.  What blinds us from seeing the path He’s laid out for us?  Most of the time I think it’s stubbornness or just plain too busy – too rushed to slow down and pay attention.

5 ) We need to be broken to be useful.  Sad, but true in most cases.

All in all a great movie!  One of the most common questions people ask (Christian AND Non-Christian) “If God exists, why is there so much suffering?”  The truth is…we ARE here and we ARE responsible for others…we ARE our brother’s keeper.  So whose fault is it that there are terrible things happening every day?  It ours…not God’s.  God placed us here to reveal Him to others and relieve other people’s sufferings.  Are we doing that?  Here is a small way we can help.  Go see this film OPENING weekend and support ending Human Trafficking and PRAY as well!


OPENING April 12, 2013


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Don’t miss it!  Tell ALL your friends and family as well!




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