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‘But Now I See’ ~ Check Out the Latest Powerful Short by Silver Dove Films

‘But Now I See’ ~ Check Out the Latest Powerful Short by Silver Dove Films


But Now I See

But Now I See is a wonderful film with a powerful message of God’s love and grace.  It’s written by Duane Kellogg, Jr. and produced and directed by Michael Gier of Silver Dove Films.

The film follows a homeless woman who finds two treasures in a garbage bag, a mirror and a Bible. One shows her how the world sees her; the other how God sees her.  The threat of losing them reveals her heart as her future is determined by the choice she makes.

 Karen McClain

Karen McClain plays the lead in the film and she is outstanding.  Just over a year ago Michael and Terri Gier went to see a friend in a show in Hollywood. One of his co-stars was Karen.  Her performance blew them away. Michael walked out that night determined to have a short film written for Karen to star in.  Many months later Michael contacted Karen, told her how impressed he was by her performance in the play he had seen, and asked her to be part of the film that he had written for her.  Thankfully she agreed.

Silver Dove Films offers the film online at no cost in hopes that its message reaches that many more people.  The film will also be submitted to a film festival or two.

 Karen McClain

It’s not easy to walk up to a family member or friend and share the gospel but it is easy to send them a quick 10 minute short film that shares God’s love with them.  Our goal is that people use this film to start a conversation with loved ones.

Silver Dove Films is able to produce these films by the generous donations from other.  If you’re interested in donating please go to,

The film is also perfect to show at church groups so a DVD has been produced for that very purpose and can be found on the films website.

Be sure to watch the film and share it with others.  Use the powerful tool of film to touch the lives of those around you.

The only reason this short isn’t on the database is because of the length of time.  It’s a powerful short, and we do pray that they’ll be able to make this into a full length feature film.  Karen McClain was fabulous in this!

I just want to say that I absolutely LOVED the ending.  It was fantastic!  Let us know what you think of the film as well and then support their project by purchasing a DVD from them.  Great for churches, youth groups, a real conversation starter!

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  1. 17 October 13, 1:36pm

    We very much enjoyed seeing But Now I See, this is a moving and well presented story and is well suited to the short film format. We plan to share this film during our upcoming film showings. Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival.

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