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‘One Nightstand’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘One Nightstand’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


One Nightstand

An adulterous traveling businessman hires a lady of the night, however God intervenes with a couple of peculiar hotel employees and the sobering contents of the hotel room’s nightstand.


Sneak Preview

One Nightstand

What a pleasant surprise on this short Christian film.  We really LOVED this film.  What a powerful message with a lot of humor intermixed.  This film really gets the message across!  It’s the first film I’ve seen so much Scripture in that really fit.  Powerful!  It really shows the power of the Word of God!

In the beginning, pay close attention to little details.  The musical score was great and the message was fantastic.  Very well done all around and since it’s a shorter film, this is one that can be used in churches as a tool for study.

One Nightstand DVD




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  1. 02 July 13, 7:15am

    I completely agree! This is excellent for ministry because it is humorous and real. The application of scripture is perfect and brings true emotion. A superb job all the way around!

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