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‘Only God Can’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Only God Can’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Only God Can

is the story of 5 longtime friends struggling through life’s challenges, discovering through faith that Only God Can empower them to become the person they truly desire to be.

There are very few films made specifically for and about Christian women, and we see Only God Can as a beacon of light that will encourage them to continue exemplifying Christ’s love and commitment in their lives. Our hope is that this film provides viewers encouragement and an understanding about the role faith plays in overcoming life’s challenges.

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A true Christian Chick Flick – the Girls should love it!  Here were some highlights:

  • Great cast.
  • Humor throughout.
  • A real show of true friendship.
  • Great example of Christianity and how a Christian can influence their friends for Christ.
  • A glimpse into the peer pressures that a Christian faces.
  • Best definition of what child baptism really means.

Jesus is the only One that can really bring peace and fulfillment in our lives.

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