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‘Pass the Light’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Pass the Light’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Pass the Light

Steve Bellafiore (played by Cameron Palatas) is a very special kid; he’s a bright, religiously devout teen who yearns to become a football starter and works twice as hard as his high school peers to accomplish that goal.

Steve’s work ethic and kindness radiate through his life. Currently upset by his parents’ seeming estrangement, Steve is even more disturbed by the message of hatred and intolerance espoused by Franklin Baumann (played by Jon Gries), a candidate for Congress. Steve wants to make the point that Baumann’s exclusionary and fear-based doctrine has very little to do with his Christian perception of Christ’s teachings.

In retaliation, Steve announces his own candidacy for Congress. What begins as a tiny movement soon grows into a phenomenon, as people throughout the area embrace Steve and his Faith Crusade, whose “Pass the Light” campaign unites the community as never before.

Sneak Preview

Pass the Light screen shot

Some great moments of humor in the midst of this very serious movie.  Here were some highlights:

  • What is Jesus’ way?  How did Jesus love?  Love vs. hate.  There is a difference.
  • Loved the conversation about the devil and jobs.  It should leave everyone with no more excuses for doing what they know to be right.
  • Demonstrates how pride can lead us to make excuses or do nothing vs. doing the right thing.
  • When someone is being mistreated, we should step in and be that person’s friend…especially as a Christian.
  • The entire Pass the Light idea is fabulous.  I wish every school and church would do the same…and even every Christian personally, as much as they can.
  • Nice ending with a great twist.

You can download the PASS THE LIGHT CORE PRINCIPLE’S PACKET, which we highly recommend!

Although this movie was really great, there were sections that were confusing.  Homosexuality was made to seem as if they weren’t sure if it was all-right in the sight of God.  Homosexuality is just a sin, like fornication, or pornography, or pride…the list goes on.  We are definitely to LOVE every person, but we have to be careful to tell the truth about what God’s Word says about all sin.

There is a great documentary that talks about I Corinthians 6:11 – And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.  There is victory in Jesus over all sin, not just forgiveness.

Here is a compilation of Scriptures and thoughts about this topic: Tract 39 – Homosexuality & Sexual Sin

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  1. CbinJ says
    10 February 15, 6:04pm

    I am disappionted with Christian websites like this and with for promoting this movie. The following is the message I want to spread and I hope others will catch on an promote that instead of this movie.

    #PasstheTruth #TruthistheLight

    How about instead of passing the light we step into the Light and pass the Truth? Would recommend more Christians–especially my generation (the millennials)– standing up against this movie on social media because even though this one may not become a massive hit, the next progressive “Christian” movie might be. If we don’t start speaking up now, the progressives will hijack the Christian movie industry before we even have a chance to really get it off the ground. Don’t believe me? Let me remind you of some other recent attempts to hijack Truth: Noah and Exodus. Enough said. A relevant side note: we are also losing righteous sources for media discernment–apparently is no longer trustworthy. One bastion left is PIO (

    “Pass the light”(lower case “l” added for emphasis) wallows in false stereotypes with the straw man Senator, the white knight homosexual, and innocent (really naive) young protagonist, meanwhile undermining its own premises. Less than 4% of the US population is affected by the LGBT form of lust (LGB)/ mental illness (T) according to the CDC. We even have a straight actor playing a G character–proof that this whole activist agenda is fueled by an extremely small minority that hate freedom and Light and Truth and love sin. My point with the latter argument is that most real people are heterosexual–there are more LGBT characters in current TV and Movies than there are in the country–proportionally speaking. I have compassion for anyone who struggles with behaviors and attractions that they feel like they cannot control, but this movie is about swaying culture a certain way not the fueling of a real debate about how to help people in the Church overcome their sin.

    *To the Producers of this film: We can rarely argue about what the Bible says with regards to the LGBT debate because many proponents of various “civil rights” causes do not believe in the Bible. But since this is billed as a Christian movie, I think it is perfectly valid to give some verses in addition to the feel good ones the movie advertises (btw, one of my favorites, Galatians 3:28, is used and abused). The Bible along with saying that we “shall not judge” says: “sin no more”, discern rightly the wrong doings of others (John 7:24, Galatians 6.1, etc.), and do not be in close relationships with the unrighteous (Corinthians 5:9-13, Ephesians 5:8-12, etc.). The Steve character is quoting the Bible saying we are all one in Jesus Christ. I respond with a question, “What does it mean to be in Christ?” Answer: a relationship in which you surrender your life including your sin–sins outlined in the Bible–to the living God. There are many who are not in Christ–hence the Universal message is defeated by real Christian Theology.

    There I started a real debate, a debate in which much more could be written. There I started a real debate, a debate in which much more could be written. You may not realize it, though, because progressives are rarely challenged to even know what an actual intellectual debate looks or sounds like. This is it. *End of message to Producers*

    I am passionate about movies–and Christian movies especially (even though the storytelling quality is still pretty poor in most cases). Tell the producers we know this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and not a real Christian movie.

  2. Annelie says
    11 February 15, 9:49am

    Have you read the review or other reviews? We are not promoting this film and we did not recommend the film. We love the idea of what the children did but we gave our reasons and added Scriptures to the review that discuss the confusion represented in the film.


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