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“Pendulum Swings” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review & Special Giveaway!

Pendulum Swings

Pendulum Swings is based on a true story – a story of a man who loses everything but finds his soul.

DALE JENNINGS has it good – a career he loves, a nice house, and a beautiful family. But Dale’s home is not a happy one. His marriage to MARIA is crumbling, and Dale doesn’t realize how quickly it’s slipping away until he loses it all – his home, his work, and his children, JENNA and JESSICA.

Dale spirals fast, and it’s not long before he hits bottom – homeless, in debt to a vicious loan shark, and ultimately holed up bruised and broken on the wrong end of the law. And when tragedy strikes, Dale tips over the edge into suicidal despair.

But when all seems lost, Dale is offered what might be his last shot at redemption – and a chance discovery hands him an opportunity for revenge.


Sneak Preview

Main Character Pendulum Swings

This film had some really great moments in it.  Great musical score as well.  This movie made me wonder if women go through a mid-life crisis as well as men because that is what it seemed like she was going through.

There was one part I really liked when the main character has a heart to heart talk with his oldest daughter about what might happen and what to do if she hears bad things about him.  This really touched me and it breaks my heart because I know so many people that say bad things about their spouses, (current or ex), in front of their children and this is a terrible thing to do to children.  It sows some terrible seeds in their lives and some never truly get over it.  From a Christian standpoint, we are to be forgiving and to uplift each other, not tear each other down.

The most important message that came across for me is that ALL our decisions matter.  Taking responsibility for our actions is so important.  We each sow seeds every day, are they for good or for evil!

There is also a Small Group Bible Study guide for this film!




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  1. chris says
    14 February 13, 8:08am

    always great to hear of another faith-based film. this one reads like a very inspiring and challenging film. can’t wait to win a copy so i can see it.

  2. Cindy says
    14 February 13, 9:38pm

    I have been hearing about this one for a while. I have friends in it who I’ve never seen act before, so this would be a special treat. 🙂

  3. Angela L. says
    19 February 13, 5:26pm

    Sounds like an absolute amazing movie…. thank you for the chance to win! I am such a huge fan of faith-based films and am always overjoyed when I see that a new one has come out. My son had the opportunity to help on the set of another recently released faith-based film so I am quite aware of the struggles that goes on with having to put out a film on a very limited budget and time schedule. Praise God that He always provides!!!

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