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‘Persecuted’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Persecuted’ ~ CFDb Movie Review



Persecuted – Nationally acclaimed evangelist John Luther is the last obstacle in the way of sweeping religious reform in the States. When a U.S. Senator and Luther’s own supporters abduct and frame him in the murder of an innocent teenage girl, an unprecedented era of persecution is unleashed.

Out on personal recognizance, Luther escapes police surveillance in search of the truth. And suddenly, a once-normal life is targeted by a team of ex-military operatives who wage a relentless campaign to eliminate the incriminating evidence. As evangelist turned fugitive, Luther vows to expose anyone involved with or profiting from the girl’s murder; a mission that brings him face-to-face with the coming storm of persecution that will threaten the entire Christian community in America.


Sneak Preview

Martin Luther

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie although it only touched on the surface of what could have been, left you without all the details.  Here were some highlights:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Quote that I pictured above because I liked it so much.  “A man who won’t die for something isn’t fit to live.”  What does that say for our apathetic attitude and entitlement society we live in today?  OUCH.
  • Freedom must be fought for.  Another thing we entirely forget, especially in America.
  • There is no middle ground – it’s either the world or the Bible.  This reminds me of Wesley and “The Bible and the Bible only!”  We need to adopt this again in our day.
  • When I think of persecution, especially upcoming persecution in America, I never thought of FALSE accusations, just accused of believing the Bible and following the Bible.  It’s logical as Christians have been persecuted and lied about since sin came into the world, so it will be in the end too.  This thought reminds me a little of ‘Accidental Activist‘, a movie we highly recommend as it’s based on a true story and gives you a small picture of what is to come soon to anyone that will stand up for the Bible and truth.

ITAC_Natalie_015RNatalie Grant


Did you know Natalie Grant is in this?  It’s a small role, and when I saw her, I was thinking, who is that? Then I remembered the new series, ‘It Takes a Church‘.  I know her more from that show. Even though I know her music, I didn’t know what she looked like until this series…

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  1. Cindy says
    21 July 14, 6:16pm

    Thanks for the review! I had only seen secular ones, and they were obviously slanted. Even when I posted a review of the book a few days ago, I was being slammed by “trolls” with a strong anti-Christian bias.

    Some of the book seemed a bit unrealistic, but so are many films, and especially those with action involved. What would kill a person in real life hardly seems to slow down the characters in a movie. 🙂 While this is not the persecution of many believers around the world, it is plausible to believe that a person’s reputation and family could be destroyed through lies and manipulation. Hoping it comes to a theater near me soon.

  2. Annelie says
    21 July 14, 6:30pm

    Do you have a link to your book review you can post here?


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