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‘Pitching Love and Catching Faith’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Pitching Love
and Catching Faith’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Pitching Faith and Catching Love

Heather an attractive, competitive, softball player, sweet and sassy-who is used to winning…but with guys she tends to strike out once they find out she’s not their type.

He’s a competitive baseball player, charming, and saintly, who hasn’t kissed… So what happens when Heather tries to get his first kiss, and Tyler tries to win her heart to help launch his baseball career? It results in a head-on competition igniting a series of of light-hearted ploys and cat-and-mouse chase.

Falling in love wasn’t a part of their plan…but now Tyler must choose between his dream, and Heather. And she must choose between love, and loneliness.


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A unique film that leaves you a lot to think about, especially for the teens and all those that are praying about who they should marry.  Some humor is intermixed with some serious moments.

The ultimate message is to love everyone and not judge them.  Walking in forgiveness and integrity are the true paths to follow.

This film will be released 10/6/2015 but you can pre-buy the DVD now.

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