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‘In Plain Sight’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘In Plain Sight’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


In Plain Sight

IN PLAIN SIGHT will journey to five US cities to experience stories of hope rising out of the darkness of sexual slavery.

It’s common knowledge that sex is used to sell products and services, but did you know that sex (itself) is being sold on a daily basis…in your city? You may not see a prostitute walking down your street or a pimp going door to door offering her services, but it’s happening in plain sight whether you realize it or not.

While the image of a pimp and prostitute have been glamorized through movies such as “Pretty Woman” and “Hustle & Flow”, there is nothing beautiful about the dark underbelly of the sex industry.

Maybe you’ve heard the term sex trafficking. It’s simply a politically-correct way of saying sexual slavery.

While public slavery in the United States is over, there is still a large market for buying and selling women and children…in your city. It’s being sold through ads in the back weekly newspapers, posts on and, at massage parlors, via escort services, at truck stops, and at a motel you drive by on a daily basis.


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Stories of Freedom

Another great documentary that shares some shocking statistics, especially that this is taking place in our back yards.  There have been girls rescued from Human Trafficking, aka Sex Slavery in all 50 states, including towns and rural areas.  It is NOT just in the big cities and it’s time we woke up as a nation.

One statement from this documentary really made a lot of sense.  “Our hearts need to be broken for something to be done.”  That is how ministries are started.

There is definitely a pattern for how these victims are chosen and it’s up to us to find out more about it and then once we know the signs, what can we do to stop it. Check out 31 Ways to Take Action.

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