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Plants and Pillars Film Festival

Plants and Pillars Film Festival


Plant and Pillars Film Festival Main

Encouraging and preparing the next generation of Christian filmmakers
to spread the Glory of God to the ends of the earth,
through acting, cinematography, composing, and scriptwriting.

 Plant and Pillars Film Festival 1

~Plants and Pillars Film Festival Vision Statement~

The lights go off, and the room grows quiet. As the video plays, and images fill the screen, the names of the actors and actresses appear. These names are not familiar to most people, they aren’t famous in Hollywood and they don’t have a page on IMDB or Wikipedia. They are just faceless people to most of the world, but Hollywood should be scared of them. Because these young cast and crew members are the world changers of tomorrow. They are sharpening their swords before the battle, and they are a worthy opponent.

The Plants and Pillars Film Festival began in 2011 as the dream of a sixteen year old. Jessica Pritchett had never been to a Film Festival or led an event before, but when she spoke to 150 people on a warm August night, God’s mighty plan became quite clear. Five years later, the Plants and Pillars Film Festival continues to grow and reach young filmmakers, actors, actresses, and composers. And we would like you to be a part this year!!

Plant and Pillars Film Festival 2Encourage Young Filmmakers

The film competition is open to any filmmaker age 19 or down. Kids 12 and under are creating movies based on their favorite book or short story. And the older category (ages 13-19) are creating God honoring stories of their own imagination. Our panel of judges works very hard to evaluate each entry and make the competition fun for everyone! For a more information and entry guidelines, visit our website.

 Plant and Pillars Film Festival 3

Provide Family Entertainment

We would love to have your family join us this year for a night of films and fellowship at the Award Ceremony! It is our mission at Plants and Pillars to show films that are family friendly and that all ages will enjoy, so feel free to bring all your little ones! We don’t release the location of the Festival on the internet, but it is located near Birmingham, AL. For more information on attending, please visit our website:

 Plant and Pillars Film Festival

Honor the Lord

The Plants and Pillars Film Festival is a gift from the Lord, every piece of it, and we rely on the Lord to bring supporters alongside us. Please pray for us to be a light to a dark world, and to spread God’s glory through our work and actions. And please prayerfully consider being a sponsor of this year’s Film Festival. Every little gift is a huge blessing and it’s impact grows exponentially.

For more information on sponsoring, please visit our website:



Entering is open now, and we need entrants right now!!!  If you enter before June 30 using this link, your entry fee is only $8.00.  Just tell us you entered through CFDb!  Entering closes on July 18, 2014.  Finished DVDs are due on August 8th.

If you are interested in attending the Film Festival, we’ll need your RSVP before August 1, 2014.

The date of the Festival is August 29, 2014.

If you have some great Christian Film Content for the CFDb blog, contact us.


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