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‘Raising Izzie’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Raising Izzie’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


Gertie and Izzie are two young girls on their own. Abandoned by their father and orphaned by their mother, they are doing the best they can to stay in school, stay undetected and stay together. With assistance from their mother before her passing, the girls are financially prepared to sustain themselves for some time. Gertie, 14, takes seriously, her charge to raise her younger sister Izzie, 10, alone.


Greg and Tonya are a couple whose love for one another radiates and for some time now, they have attempted to build a family and have failed. Tonya longs to share the love and nurturing she has been channeling through her job as a teacher, into children of her own. Is it God’s will that they don’t have children?


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This film FAR surpassed our expectations.  It’s rare to see a Christian film that deals with REAL issues.  These REAL issues are the issues every one of us faces when God doesn’t heal someone, doesn’t answer our prayers that way we truly believed He would.  We highly recommend this film for this reason alone.  It’s really a fantastic film and a great story as well.


Victoria did a FABULOUS job as Gertie.  Once again GMC made a great Christian film that is well worth watching.  This movie also makes you take a look at yourself and wonder what would I have done when faced with this situation.  Although the husband in the film is rather a jerk at times, it is realistic as he shows his selfish nature, not allowing true Christianity to shine.  Before we quickly judge him, think about what you would do.  None of us like to be too inconvenienced.  You’ll have to watch the film to know exactly what I’m talking about.  ENJOY!

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