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‘Saving Westbrook High’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Saving Westbrook High’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Saving Westbrook High

Saving Westbrook High – Manny Cortez is uprooting his family – wife Teresa and daughters Selana, 14 and Gabriella, 12 – so that they can go to Westbrook High where his beloved late father was the football coach.

Soon after the Cortez family moves into the Westbrook school zone, it is announced that Westbrook High will close due to budget reasons. Long known for being a wonderful environment with special teachers, the staff, students and parents decide to fight back – Westbrook High is worth saving.

Charismatic English Literature teacher Elijah Bennett leads the charge for the teachers but has to deal with the new principal, Dr. Christine Walker, who has very different views on education and the value of protesting the school board’s decision. Elijah and Christine were students together at Westbrook many years ago and despite their differences there is a bond and some sparks.

Perhaps most passionate about saving the school are the students, especially shy and insecure Jasper, who emerges as a leader. Selana joins the cause and learns why her father was so passionate about this school and her education.

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What a treat!  Very inspiring, with a little bit of God in it too.  Great combination!  Here are some things I liked about this one:

  • LOVED the teachers really connecting with their students.  We all remember those special teachers in our lives.  We ALL CAN make a difference!
  • Importance of prayer in our lives and the value of 1 child.
  • The great quote, “Tonight will be forgotten if you do something great tomorrow.”

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