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The Story of God: Death is a Complex Thing ~ CFDb Movie Review

The Story of God:
Death is a Complex Thing
~ CFDb Movie Review


!cid_part1_D348DBD3_CC32B206@differentdrummerThe Story of God: Beyond Death

In the premiere episode of National Geographic Channel’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, the actor, through his production company Revelations Entertainment, explores the religious complexities of death, resurrection and what Freeman calls “one of humanity’s biggest curiosities — what happens when we die.” In the series, Freeman traveled to locations all over the world, including Rome, Cairo, Jerusalem and Mexico City, seeking to uncover the world’s divine mysteries, myths and beliefs surrounding the topics of death, resurrection and the afterlife.


Sneak Preview

What an interesting and informative documentary series that begins with “Death is a Complex Thing”. Nat Geo did an amazing job on some different viewpoints of what happens when we die, without favoring any of the ideas they presented.

We all have to deal with the death of loved ones and eventually we will all die.  This topic has been studied for thousands of years by so many.  One statement made during the documentary made a lot of sense, it’s “Certainty that brings comfort to our grief”.  Death can be scary but if we have peace about it, whether it’s truth or not, really does help us through the process.

One scientific explanation made during the film was quite interesting about how our brain works and what happens after we die from a scientific standpoint.  Another really neat part was the futuristic idea presented that was also a little creepy.  We want to hold on to our loved ones so desperately, yet it is our memories of our loved ones that causes them to live on in our minds.

As a Christian, Nat Geo may not always be in agreement with all of our beliefs, but we are really looking forward to watching the remainder of the series.


Episode Guide


April 3 – Beyond Death

April 10 – Apocalypse

April 17 – Who is God

April 24 – Creation

May 1 – Why does Evil Exist

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