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‘Streiker’ ~ Evangelism through Allegorical Films

‘Streiker’ ~ Evangelism through Allegorical Films

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Streiker, based off the first book in the Streiker saga by Robin Hardy, is a faith‐based allegorical drama/romance about a virtually unseen billionaire philanthropist who proposes to a struggling aspiring ballet dancer with unusual stipulations to his proposal…she must make the decision to marry him without ever having actually meeting him.

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Streiker’s Bride


When I was about 14, my mom gave me a book to read called Streiker’s Bride by Robin Hardy. I loved everything about the book and passed it along to several relatives and friends, including my sister. I remember sitting up at night and having several giddy conversations about how amazing the series was and how awesome it would be if somebody would make it a movie. At that time, neither one of us were anywhere near the entertainment industry and there was no such thing as a “Christian” film…not in the mainstream market anyway.

Flash forward almost a couple decades and now I find myself working in the entertainment industry on several big‐budget TV & Film productions and my sister is a gifted writer. We had long forgotten about those dusty “Streiker” books on our bookshelves until about a year ago. I had just made a pretty major career move and was seeking God on His direction for my life. It wasn’t but a few days before “Streiker’s Bride” had reentered my world again…and again, my sister and I gushed about how “somebody” should really make “Streiker’s Bride” a movie…only this time, we realized that God intended us to be the “somebody”.

It’s not difficult to describe what makes “Streiker” so special. Since “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” there hasn’t been another Christian allegorical film in the box offices. The Christian films on the market today are great films and have changed countless lives towards God; but there is such a great harvest to be reaped, why would we not want to continue to expand our viewing audience?

Because “Streiker” is an allegory, it has the unique option of being marketed to mainstream audiences without having the preface of being a “Christian” movie. We’re also going after all those “Twilight” fans out there, which is a market that has seldom been reached by the current Christian box office films. It’s the perfect “date night” film – sappy‐free romance for the girls and a few explosions and action sequences for the guys. Although we intend to produce and market a film that secular audiences will want to see, we will also need the invaluable support of Christian movie‐goers to keep the movie in the box offices. Because the most important part of “Streiker” is not how great of a movie it is going to be…it’s how great of an impact it can make.

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Let me share with you one of the reviews of “Streiker’s Bride” posted on Amazon:

“When I read this book, I didn’t read the reviews, so I was unaware that it was an allegory. As I read it, my skeptical side kept saying ‘This [is] unrealistic. Adair has her good points, but she [is] self‐centered, fickle, aimless, dense, boring and materialistic. What would make this great guy with high ideals choose her?’ I finished the book feeling that it was a story that couldn’t possibly happen in real life…People don’t just love someone for no good reason. As I turned over the book, my eye caught the review referring to the book as an allegory. All at once, it became clear. I was Adair and God chose me, not for my wonderful personality and character, but because I belonged to him. I don’t know if I have ever been so forcibly struck by the relative position between
me and God…” –A. Wolthuis

You see, “Streiker” isn’t a film that will simply tell people how great God is… “Streiker” is a film that will alter their perspective of how God relates to them. We live in a culture where God and Jesus are an everyday occurrence…most individuals in this country know the basics of the “gospel truth” and sadly, keep on walking the same way they were going. Before they even see a “Christian” film, they will already go into a theater with their own pre‐conceived notions of who God is. The beauty of “Streiker” is that it lures people in with their guards down. Then it breaks all pre‐conceived notions and changes the looking‐glass that people see God through…so they can finally see who God is and how much He truly loves them.



Please email the Producer, Gloria Stella, also the writer of this blog, at for more information or for the full proposal and script.



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